Bad Parenting.

I’m waiting for Evan17 to get out of the shower. Thought I’d jump on and say hi.

We’ve had two more birthdays here. David is now David20 and Evan is now Evan17. Their birthdays are two days apart. I was fine with David20’s one, but when the day dawned for Evan17’s birthday I completely forgot. We were up for at least an hour before his Nonna rang to speak with him. The instant I picked up the phone and heard her voice I knew…

Thermomix recipe: Beef Madras Curry (Low Fat)
Lots of extra information in this recipe, such as grinding spices and what to substitute if you don’t want coconut milk/cream.

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2 Responses to Bad Parenting.

  1. Thanks for sharing my Thermomix recipe! It’s so fast and easy, it gives you time to do some Good Parenting while it cooks your curry for you 😉

  2. Ellen says:

    Oh no, and you just know that’s the one birthday he’s not going to let you forget. Hope your boys both had a great time.

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