Holidays are here!


I wandered out yesterday when the morning sun was still hitting the front verandah. Here’s young Maris. Why is it that cats always find a comfy spot that is just where you don’t want them to be? Fortunately I haven’t yet planted anything in here. I was going to pop some seeds in, but I might look around for something a little taller. I’m hoping she doesn’t just move along to the next wicking box, because I planted what I think are leek seeds in it. (Note to self: label seeds.)


I’ve started planting out my tomato seedlings. This one is a green striped cherry tomato that Yvonne sent me. (Thanks Yvonne.) I scattered lots of basil seeds around it that I harvested in February this year – not sure how viable the seeds would be so I was pretty generous. By the look of things I’ll be thinning them out and taking some to plant in the school veggie patch after the holidays.

Hooray! This is the second time that the Bunnings mint has bounced back in Spring. I love this mint; the taste is so pungent and minty. It’s a MINTy mint. Delicious in salads and to make tea from.

Last year my garlic crop was decimated by black aphids. I was only able to save one tiny patch of garlic called ‘Nonna’s garlic’ because the bulbs were given to me by my ex mother-in-law. This year I planted them out in wicking boxes. I saw something that Gavin mentioned about mixing strong smelling herbs with the garlic, so along the sideway I’ve strategically put a pot of rosemary and another of thyme near them. Along the front verandah I’ve plunged garlic cloves into pots with olive plant, rosemary, parsley, tomato…. you name it I’ve mixed it. So far so good… though now I’ve written this I feel like I should be knocking on wood.

The Proud Mum shot: Ryan18 performing at the year 12 Music night. His exams start next month and then there’ll be another child enjoying the university lifestyle. Still, not to worry! Evan17 is doing year 12 next year so the whole thing continues.

Thermomix recipe: Silverside/Corned Beef
I tried this out, as I usually cook corned beef/silverside in the slow cooker. It was certainly quicker; not with the silky “fall apart” texture of the slow cooked meat. A couple of the boys vastly preferred this texture to the slow cooked one, saying that it was “more like meat” so it might be worth a try at your place.

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2 Responses to Holidays are here!

  1. Yvonne says:

    The tomato seedling looks healthy, hope it goes well & I remember it wasn’t a big plant about 1m height. One way to keep the cat out of the garden bed is to wet it. My garlic is decimated again this year from the aphids, I think I will use pyrethrum sprays next year.

  2. giggle says:

    Wow! My daughter did her VCE last year and it was the year from hell. I’m really not sure how you cope with 4 in 4 years (or close to it!). You deserve a medal …

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