I finished a project!

P1010001 Yesterday I woke up and thought, “I’m going to go and get some Australorp chooks today.” So I did. I drove down to Craig’s Farm after my Group Leader meeting and had a look at what he had available. I rang around to various poultry places and he was the only one who had Australorps. I had a definite hankering for Australorps so he was my only option.

Trouble was, his Australorps (can you tell I love the sound of that name?) were too young to go into the coop with my gerlies. They’d be picked on unmercifully. So this is where the chicken tractor comes into play. The new gerls go into the chicken tractor, where they live, thrive and survive for a couple of months.Then they get moved across to the big coop when they’re of a size to stand up for themselves when the Isa Browns pick on them. At that time I can move the new little chickies that I’m (hopefully) getting from work into the chook tractor where they’ll live permanently. (The year 7s might be raising, weighing and keeping tabs on some chicks. Once they’re done with them, Karen and I will give them a new home. It’s not certain that this is happening, so we’ll wait and see.)

Anyway, I drove down to the farm, where I picked up two Australorps, (Mattie and Tillie… they both have the same name); a Rhode Island Red called Rosie and a little white Australorp/Leghorn cross called Bunty. P1010002

Unfortunately it seems that Bunty is a bit younger than the others. They don’t like her much. It’s a bit sad – when I went out at twilight to check that they were roosting on the top level of the tractor she was trying to snuggle in under Matty (or Tilly), exactly like a baby chick would do under its mother. She’s not going to have an easy time of it for a while. Rosie, in particular, keeps bossing her around. P1010005 The other gerls are intensely interested. I didn’t think I’d get anything major accomplished these holidays but I did. Good on me. Now onto the next target – to get my mortgage down below 20K before the end of the year. $9,500 to go. Wish me luck!

Thermomix Recipes: Chicken and mushroom burritos

Tortillas/Burritos made from scratch. We’ve done these and they’re delicious and so easy and cheap. I used normal plain flour rather than spelt, as we don’t have any allergies here.

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One Response to I finished a project!

  1. Urspo says:

    My brother and SIL have announced they are fancying erecting a chicken coop. I may send them your way for advice.

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