Busy like a bee.

I haven’t posted in a while and this is partially the reason why. Here’s whereThermomix is sending people on a free trip trip next year – Sun City in South Africa. For the last couple of months I wasn’t sure if I’d be within cooee of getting here; as a Group Leader my plane ticket relies partially on my efforts and partially on what my team does. Of course, I made sure to cover what I had to achieve… just got to sell one more with an order-date in November and I’ve done that… but the team results were looking as though I had to be philosophical. Then October happened.

Sun City and the Palace of the Lost City is suddenly looking like a viable possibility again. Not a definite – but it’s within reach. I’m beginning to get butterflies in my stomach when I think about Thermofest, which is what happened last year. As you know, my sister Kate is a consultant too and she’s only a few sales off booking her seat on the plane, so perhaps we’ll be able to share this experience together. So instead of writing blog posts I’m out working with my team. Exciting days ahead, as November is traditionally when the husbands get sick of the nagging and secretly place an order for Christmas. I’ve stocked up on wrapping paper in readiness!

In other news Poppy has settled in well. She’s learned that you don’t mess with Maris AT ALL; that although Daphne sometimes gets startled and lets you chase her she gets cranky about it and that you must let Daphne smooch your face when she wants to. Poppy’s now sleeping outside with Bertie in the kennel, though she still complains about it and we have to barricade her in, much to Bertie’s disgust.

Friends on Facebook already know how Poppy comes to help me with my chores each morning and for 3 mornings in a row has let the chooks out of their run. The last time happened was at 8.30AM when I was due to teach at 8.50. There were some expletives uttered that morning, let me tell you! Mum and Dad’s cavalier Murphy The Chook Killer arrives today for a holiday over the long weekend, so Poppy’s been under intensive training not to jump against the gate and let him in or the chooks out. Wish us luck!

Year 12 exams have started in Victoria and Ryan18 is in the thick of it. He had his English exam yesterday. Not one who loves English, he was very glad to see the last of this subject and was very happy with how his exam went. He has the rest of his exams spread out over the next two weeks and then he’s a free man. Evan17 rolls into year 12 next year and then I’M a free woman. Year after next I’m off to the UK to stay with Scott, Mark and the cats for a little while. Scott has gone above and beyond the usual bounds of friendship – he’s gone and bought an Edwardian house and is doing it up so that it’ll be ready for me to visit in 2015. Not too many people go to that much effort for a friend, so you can see why I value his friendship so highly.

Gim just read out a quote from a Macbeth essay that a year 11 kid wrote. Something about not showing his “bloody dreadlocks.” Must be the Jamaican version. Ahhh, I love teaching the juniors but I do miss the bloopers in the senior kids’ essays…

Thermomix Recipe: Beef Cous Cous Salad

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2 Responses to Busy like a bee.

  1. You’ll be pleased to hear I have a demo booked for this week. I don’t actually plan to buy, but I have a bunch of friends who will like it, and one of them already ordered – sight unseen.

  2. scottsabode says:

    Yes, I am a good friend aren’t I?

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