Skinflint Sunday: Playing with Poppy is cheap and fun.


Murphy the Chook Killer is back for a few days over the Melbourne Cup weekend while Mum and Dad have a jaunt to the country. They were a little worried about how he’d go with Poppy; apparently at the leash-free he growls at puppies who jump up at him. (Which, incidentally, is exactly what he should do.) I was glad to hear it because Poppy jumps all over Bertie and he’s so gentle that he just backs away and doesn’t discipline her. So after a couple of lessons in manners, Poppy and Murphy are mates.


She loves her Uncle Murphy and follows him everywhere. At the moment they’re asleep on the dog bed together, with Bertie is asleep under my desk in the dining room. Bertie doesn’t play well with others, I’m afraid…

It’s no wonder she’s sleepy. She has a very full morning looking after the chickens.
We go down to the big chook run and collect the eggs and check the food and water feeders. I tried to train her to wait outside but I’ve given up. She’s determined to come into the run with me and check it out. The chooks peck her if she gets too close, which must be frightening. At the moment they’re as tall as she is. However, it hasn’t stopped her companionably walking through the gate with me each morning.

Once the big chooks are dealt with, we wander over to the chook tractor.

Apparently it’s important to check the perimeter.


Then we practice ‘SIT!”


Poor little Bunty isn’t looking flash. I don’t know what happened, but both of her wings are damaged. Her right wing has been pecked and was bleeding yesterday, while her other wing is hanging so low she steps on it. Chooks being what they are, I’ve had to pull her out of the chook tractor and isolate her in a little pen in the main chook run. You should have heard the protests from the gerls when this new chook appeared! She’s still eating and drinking, which is a good sign, and she is still around a flock so she shouldn’t feel too lonely, but basically it’s now up to her.
I left her in the run overnight. It has a tarp over the top and I surrounded the sides with bricks so that any foxes would have a tough time getting to her. I was a bit worried, but I thought that she’d just get attacked by the other chickens if I put her in with them when she has an open wound. So I went to bed and crossed my fingers for luck.
She was alive this morning and tucked into her pellets with a hearty appetite, so that bodes well.
I hope she’s going to be ok. I used up a really good chook name on her so I want to get years of mileage from it. Plus she’s a nice little thing – though she’s no Mrs Crankypants or Pudgy….

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One Response to Skinflint Sunday: Playing with Poppy is cheap and fun.

  1. scottsabode says:

    I love the picture of Poppy practising SIT.

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