No, this isn’t a corpse!


Yesterday I went around to Blogless Sandy’s place and she and Andrew showed me all the work they’ve done in their garden. New garden beds, a huge new water tank, edging around existing beds – it got me all fired up. I came home and started pulling couch grass out from the ‘orchard’ near the chook run and the garage. When Frank was here a few weeks ago making the garden beds for me, I got him to edge this area so I could sheet mulch it and get rid of the grass around the trees. It’s a small area so it’s do-able for a woman with muscles like cooked spaghetti. But first the devil grass had to be dealt with.

I’d grab a handful of couch grass and start shaking it to get the soil out. Poppy would come bounding over and grab the end, wrestling it away from me and racing off with it to a pile on the concrete. There she’d sit and chew it for a while, before coming back and grabbing another handful. She helped me dig despite all of my discouragement and was most interested in watching me feed worms to the chooks through the fence. (By the way, Bunty’s still alive and is looking better.)

But after a couple of hours, it all got too much for her. David20 came out to talk to me about something or other and he picked up Poppy and cradled her in his arms. Her eyelids started to droop almost instantly. After five minutes or so he bent down and put her on the path. She staggered over to the pile of weeds and was out like a light.

Still a baby…

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