Skinflint Sunday: free gardening app for ipads.


Bunty’s still with us, though I’m not sure if I’m doing her any favours by hand feeding her. When I lifted her out from her bed after taking this photo, she tried to walk and overbalanced straight on top of her head. Feet in the air; helpless. I suppose I’ll look after her today and hope that all the food she’s eating will give her body strength to repair whatever’s wrong. But I’m not too sanguine about her long-term chances.

On happier news, I found a gardening app that looks as if it might be a good one. and this little blog post that explains it:
Only for Australia at present, I’m afraid. I downloaded the free one and I’ll see how it goes before I decide to upgrade to the paid subscription.

Thermomix recipe: Banana Cake Ugh! I’m offering this as a public service, because anyone in their right mind knows that bananas are the devil’s food and taste horrible! This is one recipe that I’ll never try. But some of you have an inexplicable love for the fruit, so go for it.

This one looks far Frogdancier: Lemon Delicious Cake Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: free gardening app for ipads.

  1. Ellen says:

    Bunty could have a virus or a tiny droplet of water in her inner ear affecting her balance, which might just right itself in time Fingers crossed.. If its more serious then I hope her end is swift. Sad as she’s so young. As for little Poppy – she just exudes joy.

  2. scottsabode says:

    I’ve never trusted people who don’t like bananas.

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