Blogmeets are great!

So yesterday I comboined my two worlds of blogging and thermomixing, when I went to Matching Pegs’s place to do a demo and catch up. The first (and last) time we met was at a blogmeet in a restaurant when Peppermint Patcher came down to Melbourne. That was about 5 years ago… but who’s counting?

The funny thing about a blogmeet and/or visiting a blogger is that you feel you know them. Last night was exactly the same. I’ve seen her children grow up; I’ve seen their dog, though I pictured her in my head as being a little bigger than a little white full stop. My blogging friend (don’t want to use her first name as she doesn’t seem to publicise it on her blog) is preparing to go to a quilt show on the weekend, so I had a sneak peek at her stall. Only a metre wide, but that woman has an eye for colour. She showed me the most gorgeous quilt with intricate quilting that was simply exquisite, but I have to confess that I fell in love with these creatures. If anything would get me back to the machine these holidays, these might just do it. Look at how funny they are!

I didn’t do the demo on my own, as Matching Pegs has friends and family members with food intolerances, especially fructose malabsorption. In the interests of good customer service (yes… good on me) I gave the demo to a team member who also deals with this. It worked out really well, as Jess was able to really get down into detail about how she uses the thermomix to deal with the constraints of living with a food allergy. Seeing as we don’t have to deal with this in the Frogdancer household, all my knowledge about this area is purely theoretical, so I stood at the back, washed dishes and listened. You never know when this information will come in handy. The Matching Pegs family was lovely and it was a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

The wierd thing is that the original blogmeet 5 years ago had another blogger there, who shared a car with me. Only met her in person once, too. However Fairlie and I keep in vague touch on Facebook, where a week or so ago she posted about an old chair she’d bought for her daughter’s dance comp. She was going to redonate it, but it looked nice and I need a chair, so I half-jokingly asked if I could have it. It was delivered to my door by her good self on Saturday. What are the odds of us all reconnecting within 3 days after so long? Bizarre.

The craft blogging community really is a lovely one. Fairlie was talking about how Stomper is giving her tap lessons, (Stomper was also at that original blogmeet); Stomper’s Mum has sent me a tea towel with chooks on it, (I met her in person at a fabulous blogmeet in Sydney when I was up there a few years ago with the boys); while Suse and Mary have started Facebook pages about reading, movies and tv that have brought wonderful stories into my life that I might not have stumbled across. Life’s good!

Thermomix recipes: Super Quick Salads and a podcast  I got very excited about the first recipe. I have all the ingredients and it’s a stinking hot day today. Guess what we’re having for dinner?

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6 Responses to Blogmeets are great!

  1. Laura says:

    oh Froggie! Blogmeets! How I love them – I will be in Melbourne for 2 weeks this Xmas New Year and would LOVE to catch up – I bet my hubby would love to see your garden and chooks. Shall we make a date?

  2. Urspo says:

    They are curious combinations of meeting an old friend and a total stranger in the same person.

  3. Frogdancer says:

    As a psych, this must drive you mad.

  4. Isabelle says:

    Indeed. I’ve met seven bloggy friends now. Wonderful. You know you’ll like them and you do.

    And I “know” all the women you mention even though I’m in Scotland and will never meet them. Probably.

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