Skinflint Sunday: Buy a personal assistant.


In the morning after Poppy and the others have had their breakfast and I’ve had one or two cups of coffee, it’s time to either play a game of “Where’s your pig?” or to go out and do the chores.

Poppy loves to help.


Once we’re outside, she has to work out which chooks I’m going to first – the ones in the chook tractor or the ones in the run. It’s lip-smackingly suspenseful.


Once we’re in, she waits for the door to open.


Her job here is to sample the water feeder and make sure all’s well with it. The Australorps and the Rhode Island Red chooks don’t like her much.


No rest for the wicked! Now we’re off to check on the other gerls! Great excitement and busy-ness because in here:


Is another water feeder.
No, I don’t know what the fascination is either, but she loves it.


Then we come outside. You’ll notice that she’s not looking at the camera, but instead at my other hand, where I hold the one egg of the morning.


Two or three times a week I accidentally drop an egg on the path.

Thermomix recipe: Ginger Marmalade Not to everyone’s taste, but my mother REALLY loves ginger so I thought I’d give this a go for her.

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One Response to Skinflint Sunday: Buy a personal assistant.

  1. Jenny Howden says:

    Love the photos of Poppy 🙂

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