Busy busy busy.


Gratuitous Poppy shot. I’m toying with the idea of getting Poppy a little sister. She’s bored and Bertie is no company for her. All he does is eat and sleep and when she tries to play with him she ends up bullying him. He’s not very engaged with his life any more and consequently Poppy’s not high on his list of favourite family members! Still mulling it over…

I’ve decided to join a de-cluttering challenge that a friend on FB advertised. The first day’s challenge is here. I popped it up on my Facebook page and Scott reminded me of my kitchen drawer that he opened 5 years ago that had odd socks in it. I used to sort my clean washing on my big kitchen bench…. made sense to have the orphan socks close by. I haven’t cleaned that drawer out since then.


Scott, I’m pretty sure those are the same socks.


I have to share this absolute triumph of culinary superbity that I made yesterday. (Shut up. It IS a word! I’m an English teacher so I know these things…)
Licorice ice cream. Now I know this will sharply divide you. Evan17 hates licorice with a passion, which suits me fine because he’s the one who guzzles ice cream like it’s going out of fashion. This means that the rest of us have a sporting chance of tasting it – and even my Dad, who loves licorice – will more than likely have a taste. It’s divine. It’s not too licorice-y and it’s so full of real food (not additives and flavour-enhancing muck) that you don’t need to eat a bucketful before you feel satisfied.

It’s from this book, which you can get from bookstores or from her website. I bought it as a little reward for paying off the house. Today’s job is to make umami paste. Why not? It’ll make me feel gourmet.

On Jan 31st I finished Wolf Hall (loved it) and now I’m reading the sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining. It’s called Dr Sleep. Just began it, but have to finish by Monday because I’m catching up with a friend who wants to read it after me. It’s awful when my list of holiday jobs that I MUST do has novels on it…

Thermomix recipe: Spicy Chicken and sweet potato

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4 Responses to Busy busy busy.

  1. Yvonne says:

    I bought myself 2 of her books and they have fab recipes! Umami is a must, you will be surprise how much tastier it adds to the foods, I got the Dulse seaweeds from Vita health shop and I used it in the Veg stock to substitute Kombu

  2. OH wow, so nice to see this today. Glad you are enjoying the book, hope you will have much more success to come! Happy New Year!

  3. scottsabode says:

    Yes, that drawer looks familiar.
    Dear Poppy definitely needs a friend, especially if Bertie is no fun. Once everyone is back at school and work she will be terribly bored, and sad. You need to!

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