20130328_181934Guess who decided to try and make himself a similar growth chart? Fortunately I was in the room with him when he started absent-mindedly gnawing on the door jamb. Hopefully my loudly expressed disapproval has disabused him of the idea that such things are acceptable.

Apart from little things like this, Jeff has settled in beautifully. He and Poppy have a period of frenetic activity first thing in the morning after breakfast and then in the evening after dinner, where they run through the house and wrestle and carry on, and for the rest of the day they’re pretty sedate.


It’s 2.30PM and they’re in repose. But once I look as if I’m going to be doing something, this happens:


Look at Poppy’s intent gaze at the front. Jeff’s just happy to tag along – he’s very chilled most of the time.

Thermomix recipe: Orange Cake (flourless and butterless.) Funnily enough, I have all the ingredients on hand for this one. Going to make my own almond meal from raw almonds and castor sugar from regular sugar before I start the rest of the recipe.

30 minutes in: like Thermofun, I saw that the cake was browning fairly rapidly on the top so I followed her direction and put some alfoil over the top.

Very moist cake – tastes very citrus-y. Will definitely make this again.

One thought on “Remodelling.

  1. Hi Dancing with the frogs – I was browsing my stats for the week and your blog came up on my list – your name just intrigued me so much that I had to come and have a look.

    Low and behold I find another Thermomix Consultant 🙂 *waving* your blog post that contained the link to the Flourless and Butterless Orange Cake – this was quite popular in bringing over some traffic to my website!

    So as a thank you I wanted to offer one of your new or existing customers a free membership to our ThermoFun Beginner Club! (

    You can either “raffle it off” or give it to your next sign up. 🙂 Just let me know via email who will be contacting us for the freebie. 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to make the cake and share your experience on it!

    PS LOVE your puppies and that garden is just devine I can only imagine the amazing produce you have to cook with!



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