I was zipping through my feed reader this morning and came across a video that I was really excited about. Last year I read a book called Paradise Lot written by two guys who have made a permaculture garden with mainly perennial plants in the US in a climate where they have snow on the ground for 3 – 4 months every year. It’s the first cold climate garden where this has been tried. It was an interesting read, and today I saw what it actually looks like. I’ve signed up to Geoff Lawton’s website (it’s free) and so I watched the full video of 14 minutes. It’s amazing what can be done  – it opens your eyes to the possibilities.

The day after a record breaking heat wave, I was picking plump juicy strawberries from the garden to have with breakfast. The wicking beds are clearly the way to go.

Thermomix recipe: English Muffins

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2 Responses to Gardening.

  1. Peta Hills says:

    Hi Lisa, I started reading Shift today. Looking forward to it. Just wanted to ask you where you got your design for your wicking boxes. I googled them but other than a few basic drawings there wasn’t a lot of information I could find. I gave up searching out of frustration and thought I would just ask someone who knows how to do them.



  2. Thanks for linking to my English muffins recipe! It’s amazing to see them come out just like store-bought but they taste even better. And you’ve made them yourself, with the help of your beloved Thermomix 😉

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