Let the projects commence!


The little egg on the far right was laid by one of the Australoprs. Finally!
It was hard to take the photo this, with this going on:


All of those ‘accidental’ egg drops on the path worked against me.


Here’s something I’m pretty excited about. My first project after paying off the house. (No, not the weeding. Ignore that.)
For 17 years the neighbours have been able to see us the instant we step outside our back door, as their kitchen window looks out onto our back steps. It was annoying, but not majorly so when we had our previous neighbours living there as we were friends, but every now and then I’d think, “I’d love to block off their view. Oh well…. one day….”
Then new neighbours moved in. I’m sure they’re lovely people and all, but it made the issue of the privacy seem more prominent. Then on Sunday I was in Bunnings to buy some solar lights. I was in the gardening section looking at lucerne mulch (as you do) when I glanced to one side and saw these fence extenders. I sighed, thinking “One day that’d be great to do”, and then turned back to the lucerne.
Then I thought, “Hang on a minute……!”
Bought 3 of them, which will fill in that space nicely. When Frances comes to finish off the veggie garden project he’ll pop them onto the top of the fence, screw them in place and then the job will be done. This thought warms the very cockles of my being… Delayed gratification at its finest.


I have feta. Lots of lovely feta from Costco.


I have spinach (aka warrigal greens/native spinach) running wild in a wicking box.

Thermomix recipe: Spinach and feta dip.
The internet provides solutions again! Delicious, delicious solutions….

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One Response to Let the projects commence!

  1. Urspo says:

    Can you/one tell a difference in the eggs? What pullets put out the tastiest?
    And are home grown better than store bought eggs?

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