I’m rich! I’m rich!


Oh how I love basil. It’s finally starting to get somewhere and I’m very happy.


And I have saffron. Saffron, people. It’s the most expensive crop in the world, so theoretically this pot could be worth tens of dollars, assuming all of them flowered profusely. It’s like having a piggy bank stuffed lightly with coinage. I’m sending out a hoi to Bek, who gave me the bulbs. Very exciting to see them finally start to produce a flower. It’s the little things…


Am I the only person who sticks with one perfume till it’s all used up? Mum and Dad gave me this one. Now I’m onto the Chanel No. 5 I bought when I went to Hong Kong.


And to finish, here’s a little something I snapped when I opened the front door after going outside to take pictures of the basil and saffron. My companions.

Thermomix recipe: Vietnamese chicken and cabbage salad

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2 Responses to I’m rich! I’m rich!

  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Hello babies – you best keep away from your Mummy’s saffron 🙂

  2. iODyne says:

    The expression of The Companions is saying “you left us.”
    I have never seen a saffron plant so thanks for that. Basil has the loveliest relaxing aroma and I would have it on the bedside table overnight (sometimes I do this with a couple of mangos).
    Rich indeed, the smallest pleasures and luxuries always the best.

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