Paprika chicken for dinner


It’s a bit astonishing when you haven’t looked at your trombone zucchini for a day or two and then you see that it’s grown to the sixe of a small child. I was watering and had to get David20 to come and pick it before I went away, forgot about it and let it grow to the size of a Volkswagon Beetle.

It’s a weekend off for me – no demos or demo observations so I’m planning on chatting to a few of my team, do some much-needed pottering around this place and attack the rest of my to-do list. (Note to self: don’t keep adding items to this list faster than you can cross them off. It just gets depressingly ridiculous.)

Work started this week and I’ve met all my classes. It was strange chatting with some of my year 7s, as they kept telling me that their older siblings/next door neighbours were saying I’m a great teacher. I’ve never taught ANY of the kids the year 7s mentioned….. I hope these babies aren’t in for bitter disillusion and sorrow.

Stop reading now if you don’t have any interest in becoming a consultant. There’s a great offer on now that could give someone here an wonderful opportunity so I thought I’d publicise it. The rest of this post is all Thermomix.

The finance deal on offer for the next 3 months is an excellent one for any of you who want a thermomix or for those of you who have friends who would love to own a thermomix but can’t come up with the cash up front for whatever reason. Thermomix is offering a 4 month deferred payment option, so as long as someone qualifies for finance, they can get their thermomix up front and not pay a cent for 4 months.
This is especially useful for those thinking about becoming a consultant by earning a thermomix: you can also put your Business kit onto the finance, do your training, start bringing in commissions on your sales and then pay the thermomix off in one fell swoop when the 4 months is up – thus avoiding any interest. It’s a brilliant way to get a business by using someone else’s money.

Anyway, feel free to email me, (address on the right hand side of this page) and ask any questions you want. Last year we had 87% growth in Victoria from 2012 – 2013 and there’s no sign that it’s going to slacken off any time soon. If you’re looking for an opportunity now is the time to call me and ask some questions. We seriously can’t keep up with the demand and we need more consultants on the ground. I’m living proof that this product is excellent and this business is lucrative. It’s worth finding out about it if you’re looking for an opportunity. I’m not going to steer my blog friends wrong!! 🙂

Thermomix Recipe: Paprika Chicken with creamy paprika sauce
This also has a nice little hint for cooking rice to make sure that every single grain is cooked.The boys are going to LOVE this one!

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One Response to Paprika chicken for dinner

  1. Urspo says:

    I used to grow zukes but gave up as they were worse than triffids, literally growing a foot a day.
    Your chicken recipe came just in time for a lovely ‘proper’ paprika was given as a gift. Lovely

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