Skinflint Sunday: Get the sun to stew your apples and dry your tealeaves.


Yes, with all this searing heat we’ve been having I suppose I couldn’t escape it forever ; a couple of our apples have been cooked on the tree.
But I’ve had a few successes, nonetheless.


I first saw a gojiberry plant when I went to the garden tour a couple of years ago. I’d never even tasted them back then, but Angelo said they were tasty and sweet, so I thought they sounded ok. I had it planted in the left hand garden bed, but when I put the chook run up I thought of the permaculture adage that everything in the garden should preferably have more than one function. The fence could keep the chooks contained AND be a support for the vine.
It’s been a long wait, but I picked half of them this morning.


So much nicer than dried! They pop! in your mouth and they’re juicy and sweet. I’m looking forward to the crops we’ll have in future now that the vine has decided its happy there.


The pomegranate has produced heaps of fruit, but only this one looks like setting. Still, I only need one to pretend that I’m in ‘The Draughtsman’s Contract.’


My lime verbena didn’t appreciate being left without water yesterday while I was off thermomixing. I looked at the dried up leaves and ran inside for my secateurs. I was meaning to give it a trim and harvest the leaves – nothing better than lime verbena tea. I wasn’t intending to do it today, but plans are there to be changed.


With a bit of luck it might grow some more leaves before it goes dormant in the winter.

Thermomix recipe: Strawberry and Lime sorbet Well, with the weather being so hot, what else could I suggest?

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Get the sun to stew your apples and dry your tealeaves.

  1. Urspo says:

    For a moment there, I thought you were revealing you had a tea shrub and were growing your own tea!

  2. Bek says:

    I feel your stewed apple pain. I’ve been leaving them on the tree to 1. see if they still mature and I can eat the other side, and 2. protect the other fruit from further sun damage. I love the goji berries, makes me want to try getting one. I’m sure I can find somewhere to squeeze it in.

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