Skinflint Sunday: Prepare early for the zombie apocalypse


In a mad rush because I fly out to South Africa tomorrow and I still haven’t started packing or shopping for food for the boys. I have fed the garden and watered the chooks, though, so at least that’s a start.

Pictured is the other half of the veggie garden that my brother-in-law put in for me. The entire bottom of this garden is covered in weed matting, even under the pavers, so that no more weeds will come and take over the area. Well, at least now I have a sporting chance of stopping them, anyway. You can see from the back of one of the beds that a stray raspberry plant is growing. The entire bed was choked with raspaberries, so I’m leaving the weed mat in place to well and truly kill off the plants before I move the chook tractor across and start building up these beds. This section is probably a year away from planting.

The little bed to the far right is too small for a chook tractor rotation, so this will be the permanent bed for my asparagus. I’m a little peeved – I planted asparagus 3 years ago in this veggie garden and just started eating it this year, then had to pave over where they were. I was going to save the plants and replant them and told 3 of the boys not to pull up the ferny looking plants. Unfortunately, the fourth boy went out to get his share of the clearing job over and done and ripped them all out and binned them.

When the zombies come we’ll have lots of room to grow our food. 🙂


Before I go I’d just like to thank everyone who reads here who bought a thermomix from me between July and November last year, or who passed along a referral for a friend. It’s largely due to this that I’ll be getting up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning and taking a ride with my sister in a plane and drinking champagne and laughing like a loon while some poor sod teaches my classes tomorrow. Monday is Grammar Day so it’s even sweeter. Think of me on Wednesday (Safari) and Thursday morning (hot air balloon ride at dawn). I’m not sure what else we’ll be doing but I’ll share the photos with you all when I get back.


Thermomix Recipe: Hollandaise Sauce If I had a dollar for every time someone at a demo has asked if the thermomix can make this…!

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