South Africa 1

After a 15 hour trip, which included a flight to Sydney, then a flight to Johannesburg and then a 2 hour bus trip to the Palace of the Lost City, (where I sculled this water) we were there. Let Thermofest begin!!


As part of our welcome we had a choir from the local high school entertain us for half an hour or so. Their voices were incredible.


Here was where the breakfast buffet was each day. I turned into a hobbit, having first breakfast of champagne and oysters, then going back for second breakfast… a repast slightly more substantial.


Breakfast on the terrace. A delightful way to start the day. I was enjoying the view with Bee from Tick of Yum, who took this photo.

More terrace views. This place was pretty darned comfy, to tell you the truth.


Here’s the view from where our lift was on our floor. Look at the vista.


The hall lights. Cute, hey? I didn’t notice them until Kate, my sister, pointed them out to me.


This place was jam-packed with things like this. Sometimes TOO much OTT, but in general it was pretty.


I’ve never seen a balustrade with glass.


This was the entry foyer.


This was taken from our balcony. Look to the right. See the sculpture? These little animal figures were everywhere.


Heading towards the busses on our first day.


But not before waking up to a REAL coffee in our room. Kate was ecstatic that we had a coffee machine. It made her morning.

Got to go or I’ll be late for work. Coming up…. lions and tigers and bears.
Well… maybe not bears. But so many animals!!!!! We went on 3 safaris.
Talk soon.

Thermomix Recipe: Green Chilli Chicken Curry

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  1. Fairlie says:

    That hotel looks a lot like one I stayed in at Sunway Lagoon outside Kuala Lumpur…so I just googled it and apparently the KL one is a copy of your hotel. I’m looking forward to the next couple of posts to read more!

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