South Africa 6


After we finished the walk with the lions we set off for a walk around the many huge cages they had.

Guess how old this lion cub is? See how close it was to the femce? Unbelievable.


Two weeks old.
Their mother scooped one up in her mouth and carried it, just like a mother cat.


Here’s a better look.


After ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the two babies, this white lioness came and started pawing through a clump of grass that we hadn’t taken any notice of. Yep… another litter.


Then, as we rounded the back of the cage, another litter.

They keep the babies with their mothers until around 2 weeks old and then they remove them, so that the older lions won’t kill them. Apparently there’s only a 15% survival rate of lion cubs in the wild.


Then we walked past the cage where our ‘walking with the lions’ boys came from.


They weren’t exactly starved for company – there were heaps of them in there. Literally.
There was also the gnawed bones of a cow. The local farmers sell the lion park the bodies of cattle who pop their clogs. They don’t take any that are diseased, but any other ones are fair game.


Here’s a fine looking boy who had a few ladies in with him.


Here’s one of his women.


And here’s them ….um…. making more lions.

The lion park didn’t just have lions.
More next time…

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2 Responses to South Africa 6

  1. rooney25 says:

    I’m loving your travelog. Can’t wait for more!

  2. Fairlie says:

    The babies look so cute…it’s a shame the mother could rip your head off in a flash.

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