Skinflint Sunday: South Africa 8.


Guess what this is?


Yes, there were a couple of hyenas there. Not as exciting as the other animals but they were still ok.


Then there was Emma the cheetah. She was dropped at the door of the lion park in a box when she was about 6 months old. Her hips are a bit malformed, but that doesn’t bother her now.


Just beautiful.

The next day my sister and I tried to go on a hot air balloon ride but it was cancelled while we were driving to it through the game reserve. Ironically, as soon as it was cancelled the clouds stopped raining, they pulled back and it was a clear, fine morning. We also saw some amazing sights in the park.


This is the least exciting of what I took. This was the morning that someone showed me how to actually take video on my ipad, instead of just the stills I’d been taking before. *sigh*
Better late than never.

I have video of hippos in the water, then coming out onto dry land. I have elephants up next to the road, then crossing the road behind the truck, a baby one following.


Here’s a still of the hippos.


Here’s one of the adult elephants. Well, half of one, anyway.


Looking over my sister’s shoulder, watching the elephant family go up the hill into the trees. just before they reached the treeline, the baby turned to its mother for a drink.
And with that, we left the park and that was the last safari.

The rest of the trip was the gala night and a day at the flea market (such BARGAINS!!) and the last lazy day by the pool. I’d forgotten how refreshing a good strong mojito is.
Then it was the long flight home and the rapturous reunion with the boys. Such as it was. They criticised my purchase of the metal rat sculpture at the flea market… (so ugly! How could I not get him?) but they approved of my other finds. My tree, my lady and my giraffe were hits.

Back to regular programming after this. We have TWO pomegranates growing on my weird little pomegranate shrub, not just one. Yesterday I moved the chook tractor over another bed and now I’m contemplating how to get the asparagus bed ready to start off (again) having my garden fresh asparagus for the next couple of decades. Poppy went up a grade in obedience school and has just come out of her first season. So glad the boys both had the snip when they did.

Onwards and upwards! Only a week to go till the Easter holidays!

Thermomix Recipe: White Bean Dip

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: South Africa 8.

  1. Bek says:

    I’ve been loving your photos of all the wildlife. So amazing!
    I just bought a pomegranate this week. How long did yours take to fruit?

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