Sometimes cars are NOT co-operative.


I posted this photo a while ago but the warrigal greens still look like this so I feel it’s ok to post it again. It’s raining and the dogs are sleeping inside, the cats are on the couch asleep and one son is at the gym, one son is at uni and the other two are still aslep so I’m happy to stay inside and tap away on the keyboard.

Thank goodness for holidays! I’ve got my list of Jobs To Be Done in the break and one of them was to get the car serviced. Booked it in for Wednesday, which gave me time to teach a prac class for new consultants on Tuesday and get things done on Monday. Would’ve been fine, except that on the way home on Tuesday, the car cut out on Tooronga rd during a downpour as peak hour was building. I got it started again, kept going until I glanced at the dashboard and saw that the heat meter was on ‘H’ in the red zone.
I’ve heard that’s not good.

The long and the short of it was that it had to be towed to the very mechanic that it was booked into the next day and I’ve been stuck at home for 2 days. There’s a fair bit that needs to be fixed so hopefully it’ll be back today. I want that car to keep going for at least a couple more years…. after all I have Europe to save for!

Thanks to all those who chipped in about Paris. Scott and I had a Skype session on Tuesday night and things have been set in motion. Europe and the UK is On like Donkey Kong!

Thermomix Recipe: Chicken and spinach pasta This is really nice. I made it last night as one of my last hurrahs before I start my weight loss thing on Saturday and we all practically licked our plates clean. I only used 2 cloves of garlic though.

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