The new annual veggie garden beds.


Poppy. Isn’t she just impossibly beautiful?
We raced outside in between showers to take these shots.


On the weekend I planted out some seedlings. This is the garlic and brassica bed. I have mini cabbages and caulies, red cabbage and Nonna’s garlic. This is the garlic that my ex Mother-in-law gacve me 3 years ago. I really want to keep it going forever, like a family heirloom.
I planted the garlic along the left hand side where it’ll get the most sun, then dotted some cloves in among the seedlings. Already some of them have started to come up.
This was the bed where the chooks started off life here in the chook tractor. You can see it in its new position – in the middle bed.


This is the bed where the chooks spent the summer. It gets less sun than the other beds as it’s shaded by the fig tree, so I’ve planted lettuce toward the beack and I’m experimenting with red onions along the front, where the bed gets the most sun. There’s also some brocollini here as well. You can see the chook tractor on the left.


Here’s the gerlies. See the broody chook on the nesting box? She is one determined young lady. I had to lift her off three times this morning before she’d let me get the eggs. She kept clucking and jumping straight back in. She’d make a good Mum.
Because I’m using the chooks here to weed and fertilise the soil I can’t plant any perennials here as they’ll be scratched up and eaten, so this is where most of our annual veggies’ll be going.


Through the fence you can see the work that I had done earlier this year. This is the asparagus bed. It became abundantly clear over the last couple of years that I can’t keep on top of the weeds in these two spaces so the whole area has been weed-matted, then the paving and the garden beds were laid. This area is slightly smaller than the right-hand veggie garden, so there’s only two chook tractor-sized garden beds and a smaller one.
This smaller one is too tiny for the chook tractor, so this is where my asparagus is going. These plants will be producing for the next 20 years +, so these are the only perennials in this area. I had to cover over my last asparagus bed just as it was starting to produce well, so now I’ll wait another couple of years and then enjoy it forever. I’m not doing this job again!


You can see that the raspberry has come through the fence, so I’ll be doing something about that next week. I’ve prepared the asparagus bed and I’ll be buying crowns in the next month or two.
The other two beds were overrun with weeds and berry canes, so I’m leaving the weedmat down and I’ll be piling cardboard and newspapers on top to cut out the light. I’ll start building up these beds in six months or so when the raspberries have had a chance to die. The last thing I want is to rush into buiding up these beds and end up with them choked with raspberries and so not be able to use the chicken tractor in here. Patience is a virtue. I’m not going anywhere.


Next job is to clear some wicking bed space and pop these guys in.


Jeff. He has no idea about posing…

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  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    You have been busy 🙂 Poppy is certainly looking gawghus 🙂 Jeff is looking like a dork !! 🙂

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