12 months Interest-free – get onto it!!!

Just letting Aussie readers know that this is now back for a limited time. People get very excited over this offer, as it makes it incredibly easy to get a thermomix into your kitchen. If you’d like further info, feel free to shoot me an email (on the ‘contact’ page) or contact the company directly.

Back tomorrow with a proper blog post, along with my news about how soon I’ll be a shadow of my former self. I’m very excited about this, especially after seeing those photos  of an enormous Frogdancer cavorting with the lion cubs.

By the way….. Ryan19 put me onto House of Cards. I’ve been galloping through it, watching 4 episodes a night. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a go. Kevin Spacey. Need I say more?

Last book in the ‘Dust’ trilogy. BORED… I want to end their tiny little worlds myself just to put an end to it. Disappointing, as the first book was so original. Still, according to my ipad I only have 38% to go, so I may as well push through.

I did a Facebook quiz on which Sound of Music character I’d be and it turned out to be the oldest daughter. Leisel, I think her name is. Typical! I know my luck with men hasn’t been the best, but I didn’t think I was the sort of person to throw themselves at Nazis (or postmen.) Talk about a warning to stay happy and single!

My holiday in the UK and Europe is entering the serious planning stage. Getting excited about it now. Do I spend a week in Paris or just a few days? Do I spend 2 or 3 weeks racing round the continent ticking off the tourist sights? How do you handle laundry when you’re only in hotels one or two nights at a time? Do I go to north Wales to see where Llewellyn and his grandson lived or do I do something else? Decisions, decisions. It’s so exciting.

Off I go to make dinner and then settle down in front of the computer with Ryan19 for some more House of Cards. He’s desperate for me to finish season 1; apparently season 2 starts with a shocker and he wants to see my reaction. We’ll finish season 1 tonight and then it’ll be on like Donkey Kong!

Thermomix Recipe: Vegan Coleslaw.  Including this because of the dressing, which looks delicious. The recipe states to chop the cabbage etc… why would you do that when it takes 4 seconds in the thermomix? That’s crazy talk right there.

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1 Response to 12 months Interest-free – get onto it!!!

  1. jenb says:

    I would suggest no fewer than 4 days in Paris.

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