Jeff and other stuff

Jeff is feeling this at the moment. He’s decided that the spot on the floor beside the open back door is where he wants to pee. You can imagine how well that is going down with his beloved Mummy. Argh!!!!!

Saw this on Pinterest. Using eggshells as a pest killer in the garden. Why throw them out?

These reasons are why I decided to grow comfrey. I first saw comfrey being grown under fruit trees in Angelo’s garden and I loved the idea. The comfrey drills down deep to bring nutrients up to its leaves, then when they die down in winter the fruit tree it’s planted under gets the benefit.  Currently I have a patch of comfrey under (and around) my lime tree and one in the ‘orchard’ that was accidentally brought over when we moved our ballerina apples. It’s pretty happy accident, because I’ve heavily mulched around the fruit vvtrees with cardboard, fertiliser and sugar cane mulch to kill the grass, so if the areas between slowly get covered by comfrey, (maybe some borage?) and nasturtiums then that’ll bring the bees and I’ll be a happy gardener.

Super busy day today. Widget and I went to Costco and she signed up. As she said, her Costco cherry has now been popped. Back tomorrow.

Thermomix recipe: Prosciutto-wrapped chicken with creamy basil and cashew pesto sauce

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One Response to Jeff and other stuff

  1. foodnstuff says:

    I grind up my eggshells too, but mix them back into the shell grit I give the chooks. Thanks for reminding me to propagate more comfrey. I’ve got it scattered through the garden but none under the fruit trees yet. Good thing about it is, the rabbits don’t like it!

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