A day full of nice surprises


Poppy, my constant companion, came out with me to trim the nasturtiums and to see if the chooks liked them. I was hoping they would, because there’ll be a lot of free food for them. Look:


I cut a little bit and threw it over the chook fence. At first they were dubious, circling it and making lots of doubtful-sounding chook noises, but then Buffy and Lizzie gave it a go.
‘Yippee!” I said and went off to get some more.
Then I saw it:


Remember how I had to strip my apple trees when the lorikeets discovered them? Well, there was one I missed.


It was HUGE!


Notice the French manicure? This is part of the new Frogdancer. I was going to wait another week to get my nails done, but then something amazing happened in the morning.

I have a pair of jeans that I paid quite a bit of money for 4 years ago. I grew out of them, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I decided that they were going to be my barometer of weight loss. Last Saturday I pulled them on, but couldn’t even do them up.
This week I’m wearing them. They’re comfy! (Admittedly, there’s a slight muffin-top thing happening, but the fact that I can wear them around a week after I couldn’t even pull the zip up is incredible.)
5.6KG after two weeks of injections. 4 weeks to go. I went to Southland and did my nails and my hair to celebrate. I look fabulous, daarling.

And now comes the most incredible thing that happened today. It’s a cold, wet day so I was cruising through Facebook, as you do. A blog friend of mine, Joh Bloggs, posted a link to a band that she said she liked. She knows one of the band member’s Mum.
It’s David20’s band. What are the odds??? The Mum she was talking about wasn’t me.
Here’s the link. If you’re around Melbourne when any of their gigs are on, groove on down and get your boogie on. And cheer uproarously whenever the keyboard features!
He’s second from the left. He hasn’t featured heavily on this blog of late but long term readers will see his hair has changed again. It’s a far call from the dreadlocks he used to sport.

And where was Jeff while Poppy and I were out gathering apples?


Seriously, this is one dog who HATES getting his feet wet. He waited for us on the back steps.

Thermomix recipe: Chicken and roast capsicum sausage rolls

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