Could this be the answer to bolting coriander?


Summer coriander. I’ve grown the normal coriander and it just bolts… though I do have a lot of seed I’ve harvested for cooking. 🙂

This plant looks nothing like coriander, but it tastes like it. I’ll see how it goes. It’s in a wicking box with a native berry that foodnstuff gave me a couple of years ago. The berry plant isn’t too happy, but hopefully the summer coriander will kick on beautifully.

For inquiring minds: I bought it at Bunnings.

Thermomix recipe: Steamed vegetarian dumplings

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6 Responses to Could this be the answer to bolting coriander?

  1. Jenb says:

    What do you mean by “it bolts?”

  2. Bek says:

    That’s saw tooth coriander! Yes, it does help overcome the coriander bolt problem, but I find the flavour isn’t exactly the same. But it still is a great plant.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Can I please have the seeds if you plan to save it? I have been wanting to grow this as the Vietnamese use it in beef noodle soup (aka national soup ‘Pho’) & a garnish in stew pork belly. It’s an annual & normally grows in Summer

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