A cheery start to a Spring day. Year after year.


As I was driving home from my Thermomix Group Leaders’ meeting, I stopped off at the little nursery on Grange rd to buy some cos lettuce seedlings. It occurred to me that I’ll need more lettuces on the go from now on if I’m going to maintain my weight loss. Naturally I walked out with a few other things as well. Honestly, it’s like going to the supermarket or the chemist. You always leave with more than you intended!


I adore jonquils and daffodils and I don’t grow them, which is madness. This time every year I contemplate it and then say, “Next year…”
Well, no more!
I bought a couple of flowering pots of mini jonquils from Aldi and this bag of daffodil bulbs. The plan is to stick them in the wicking herb bed which lives at the front door. I quite like the idea of jonquils and daffodils coming up year after year. Hopefully it’ll work. 🙂

Thermomix recipe:  Roti (Indian flatbread)

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One Response to A cheery start to a Spring day. Year after year.

  1. Urspo says:

    they are my favorite flower – when i lived in a temperate climate i would plant as many as I could every fall.

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