Towards the end of next year….


Today I went to a local travel agent and picked these babies up.
I’ve set some new goals for my business and I’m feeling excited.
(Three weeks into the hcg protocol…. 7 KG lost.)
It’s all starting to happen!

Thermomix recipe: Apricot Chicken risotto

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3 Responses to Towards the end of next year….

  1. Fairlie says:

    Soooooo exciting! (And wow! to the 7kg)

  2. Urspo says:

    good news, all of it !

  3. ginger megs says:

    We got back yesterday from a 3-week trip which included Paris, Prague and Vienna. In Paris do the hop-on/hop-off bus – a 2 day ticket will get you around most of the ‘must-see’ parts of the city. Get to the Louvre early on a weekday and miss most of the crowd (and get to go in through the glass pyramid). Vienna was lovely – another hop-on/hop-off bus with multiple routes. Schonbrunn palace a real must-see. Prague – we stayed at a hotel (Golden Star) right near the castle which was lovely. Downsides of Prague were all the cobblestones, which played havoc on dodgy knees, and crappy hop-on/hop-off bus. Have fun planning 🙂

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