A beautiful day for a school cross country.


Not being the most athletic of people, whenever it’s the school cross country I’m usually put as a person doing crowd control. Today was no exception. I was put on the oval, so at lunchtime I ducked home and grabbed Poppy and Jeff to come back and have some social time with the kids. As you can see, they put their “all” into it. They’re exhausted now!

Poppy is a little more reserved than Jeff, so I knew this would be good for her. She handled it very well, accepted hugs and cuddles and coos of, “She’s so cute!” as long as she was either sitting on my feet or leaning up against me. Jeff, on the other hand, needed none of that. He was a cuddle whore, going from one person to another with nary a care in the world. He was a HUGE hit with the kids.
The highlight for me was when a group of year 7 girls came over and one girl was hanging back, saying that she was scared of dogs. Five minutes later young Jeffrey was in her lap and she was patting him with a huge smile on her face. He’s such a good ambassador for his breed!

Thermomix Recipe: Weight Watchers pumpkin soup Only one Pro point. (Not sure what that is but it sounds skinny!)

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