Skinflint Sunday: Next season’s crops!


Last night I snapped this shot. Poppy and Jeff can’t bear to be apart. Even when Pop was gnawing on a pig’s ear, Jeff just had to curl up beside her and go to sleep.

This morning I wandered out to the front porch and snapped some shots until the camera’s battery ran out.


When I delivered Yvonne’s thermomix, we had a seed swap as well. She have me some cos lettuce seeds, which I planted in this wicking bed. After a while they bolted, so I bent the plants down and let the seed drop.
I’ve been pulling these out and thinning them as microgreens, though you can’t tell by looking at them. Looking forward to salads when I get off the protocol. (Only a couple of days to go, but more on that later.)


More spring onions planted for demos. I steer people towards picking a herb and garlic dip at my thermomix demos for two reasons. The first and most important is that it tastes DIVINE. The second one is that I grow all of the fresh ingredients, so it’s a cheap option for me, as well as being an excellent talking point during the demo. These ones are the ‘red legs’ spring onions. They have a red tint at the bottom of the stalk and I think they taste great.


The basil mint that foodnstuff gave me a couple of years ago has had its winter haircut. I didn’t get to it in time to harvest it very much this past year and now I’m kicking myself. Still, that’s the good thing about gardening, isn’t it? There’s always next year.
I have about 5 or 6 wicking boxes full of mint. They love the constant steady supply of water and they grow gangbusters. I’ve got lots of mint leaves dried for my bedtime tea!


To show what I mean, here’s the spearmint wicking box. In between rain showers, I’ll duck out today and harvest these leaves.

As regards the Hcg protocol, I went and saw the doctor yesterday as I’d finished my 6 weeks. (Though I still have a couple of days’ worth of hormone left in the bottle, so I’m using it up. It IS Skinflint Sunday, after all!)
The figures are pretty amazing.
In 6 weeks I’ve lost exactly 10KGs in weight.
Of that, 97% is fat and only 3% is muscle mass.
When I started, my body weight was made up of 41.2% fat. (Yuck.) Now it’s down to 31.9%. The doctor said a healthy amount of fat is about 24/25% fat, so I’m headed in the right direction.
He also said that I’d actually increased my overall muscle, which I found puzzling. I haven’t been doing any exercise. He said that among all the supplements I’ve been taking, (and believe me… every morning and evening I rattle when I walk), there’s some amino acids that are designed to help build up the muscle to protect us from losing too much. He said I mustn’t have been eating enough protein before the protocol, so now I have to ensure that I’m on top of that.
So in a few days I go off the restricted calories diet and have to eat 3 times as much as I’ve been eating. Three weeks of no carbs and sugar, then it’s back to eating normally. I’m expecting to lose a little more weight in the next few days, so I’m confident of reaching my goal to be back in the 50’s where I should be.
I’m very happy I’ve done this. I feel that I’m avoiding things like diabetes in later life and I just FEEL better. It’s great to pull on jeans that were once too tight and see that they now look hawt and sexay!

Thermomix recipe: Crunchy Honey-soy chicken

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Next season’s crops!

  1. Ellen says:

    What a great result from the Hcg protocol – you have been saint-like. I would be (should be!) seriously inspired to start sheding those pounds myself, if I wasn’t having so much fun with my thermie right now. Enjoy wearing those skinny jeans.

  2. Fairlie says:

    Lots to like in this post! Great home-grown herbs…and well done on your weight loss. It sounds like a fascinating process.

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