Pyjama Day today.


It’s turning into a grey old day today. I’ve been inside for much of the time catching up on paperwork and eyeing off a pile of year 7 essays that have to be marked in the next few days. Deciding to take a little break, I walked out the back to check on the chook tractor chooks and the veggie beds.
This is one of the Australorps – Matilda. She’s more assertive than her sister and has a slightly redder comb. The Australorps are gorgeous looking hens. See this unsuccessful shot?


Look at the sheen on those feathers!


One Australorp egg, one Rhode Island Red.


This is the shadiest bed. I’ve strategically put my lettuce plants at the back, hoping that this’ll protect them from bolting.
Yesterday I plucked a mignonette lettuce from here, brought it inside and wolfed the lot. (To be fair, it was a very small lettuce.) It was so damned tasty!!!


Baby broccolini.


Baby cabbage forming. I adore cabbage. This bed makes me very happy.


This optimistic tomato will be pulled out sometime over the long weekend. The boys don’t know it yet but there’s going to be Work Done Around Here.


And Shane’s marigolds are popping up for the third winter in the wicking bed. The gift that just keeps on giving!

Thermomix Recipes: 10 second Coconut Bread

Smoked cheese and onion tart. Though look out – it says to place all ingredients in the thermomix and blitz… don’t put the puff pastry in as well…

OR Pastitsio/Greek Lasagne

And just for a fresh kick, here’s some stir fried green beans.

Then to end with something sweet, here’s some Honey Nougat.

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2 Responses to Pyjama Day today.

  1. Urspo says:

    I have never seen a chicken’s plumage close up before – indeed there is a sheen.

  2. kmfinigan says:

    Looks like you might be in danger of a bit of white cabbage moth on those gorgeous cabbages! Ive got a heap of tried and tested methods for getting rid of them on my blog – check it out!

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