Skinflint Monday: Working in the garden makes you happy.


Today is a public holiday, so I hied me out into the veggie garden to tidy up a bit. My usual companions were with me, (Jeff, Poppy and Daphne the cat) but surprise of all surprises, Bertie decided to wander out too. Once the gate to the right hand veggie bed was open, he sauntered in and took advantage of the sun warming up the dark concrete tiles. Jeff seized the chance too.


I didn’t do a great deal, but it took quite a while. I had to sweep up all the dirt that the chook tractor gerls had scattered all over the paths beside their cage. This I threw onto the asparagus bed, along with the autumn leaves from the silver birch and the wisteria. I was hoping to plant asparagus crowns here this weekend, but there was none to be had for love nor money, so at least I topped up the bed in readiness.


On the way back in, I saw that the beans in the wicking bed were still producing. In June!

Thermomix recipes: Chocolate Ganache tart. This blog link has the title of “The best vegan dessert you will ever eat.” Sounds intriguing…

And another vegan offering: African Stew. Good for ‘Meatless Monday” people. And vegans. 🙂

Then I saw this fabulous looking recipe for Mayonnaise. The garlic and chilli would be fabulous in a salad.

Who in the world doesn’t like Olive Bread? Here’s a post on olive/chia bread.

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