Shopping in the hills

Phew! Reports are over! I’ve been head down bum up for the last two weeks taking care of THAT little job and now it’s over for another semester. Just one more week to go till the holidays are here and I for one can’t wait.

I haven’t just been writing reports. I’ve had my leave approved for term 3 next year, so my trip to Europe is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! I’ve already booked a week in Paris in August, (a guy I work with has an apartment there and Scott and I got it for ‘mates rates’) and so now the rest of the bookings/stays with blog friends/tour up the middle of England have to be made to dovetail neatly around the Paris thing. What could be easier?

On the gardening front; I was driving to a demo last Sunday up in the Dandenongs. I’d never met the hostess, but she contacted me through Facebook because we belong to the same seed swapping group and she was interested in seeing the thermomix. Anyway, I was nearly there and I was actually going to be slightly early. (A bit of a rarity with me, unfortunately.) Anyway, I was driving down this winding road when I passed by a nursery on the left hand side of the road. They had a sign, which included the magical word ASPARAGUS.

I can’t get asparagus crowns in melbourne yet for love or money. I drove past, thinking, ‘Damn! By the time the demo’s finished they’ll be shut.” Then I started thinking…..

‘She’s a gardener herself. She’ll understand…. She knew I was coming a long way and she said it didn’t matter if I was a little bit late….’

That did it. I screeched a u-turn and drove back. I ran in like a crazy woman, shouting, “Where are your asparagus?” The people behind the counter looked slightly startled, but pointed right behind me. Thank goodness. Nice and quick.

“I’ll take …. um…. 10!” I announced and then they started counting. They had 9, plus a runty pathetic looking one that they threw in for free. I drove off to the demo, arriving bang on time and feeling triumphant. I planted them today and I hope they’ll keep me in asparagus for the next 30 years. Kara, my host, loved the story and it all ended well. I’ll be back there in a week or two to deliver her thermomix and (assuming the asparagus crowns grow) I’ll have a perennial reminder of her demo. She’s a kindred spirit… chooks and veggies.

With regards the Hcg thing, I’m still losing weight, even after I finished the injections, though of course it’s slowed down. So far I’ve dropped 12.2KG and I feel fantastic. I’m in a maintenance phase now where for 3 weeks I have to totally avoid starches and sugars. My rapturous reunion with pumpkin was a beautiful thing. Then I found out I shouldn’t eat it yet so I backed off. Still, those two days with roasted pumpkin still live on in my mind as a thing of wonder.

It’s the simple things, people. The simple things.

Thermomix recipe: Chewy Butterscotch bars  I’ve had a weakness for butterscotch ever since my Gran made me a butterscotch self-saucing pudding when I was a kid. These sounds very more-ish. I can’t eat them yet but you probably can.

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One Response to Shopping in the hills

  1. Ellen says:

    Good news that you have finished report writing, great news that you lost 12 and a half kilos (I’m so envious!), but even better new that your school leave has been approved.

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