This blog post is just bits and bobs.

I really liked this post by Rhonda.

Hideously cold rainy day here. I noticed at 7AM when I checked my timetable that I had a year 9 class in a portable that is sometimes heated and sometimes not. I switched rooms into a room in the main building. Sweet sweet warmth… my year 9s will love me.

We had a soup competition at our team meeting last night. Everyone brought their Best Ever Soup recipe and a sample of their soup and we tasted them all and picked a winner. It was a lot of fun. The winner, who is a new team member at her first meeting with us, now goes onto our branch meeting in a fortnight to compete against the 5 other teams in our branch. Go the Hotcakes!!!! (That’s our team name.) Everyone left with 8 new soup recipes and very full stomachs. There are benefits to being a consultant!

David20’s band had their first day’s shooting for their music video. It’s so exciting to see your child living the path he always wanted to tread.

Argh! Bell’s gone! Off to work I go! Holidays start in a few days…

Thermomix recipe: Quinoa spelt bread rolls
Just for something a little different.
Pine nut dressing
Sweet potato/Black bean burgers
Sprinkle cookies Versatile cookie base that you can add anything to.

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2 Responses to This blog post is just bits and bobs.

  1. Kay Cooper says:

    Hi Frogdancer, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and you had me really intrigued by the Thermomix. Loved reading the posts and the recipes and have done quite a bit of googling to find out more. I really do not enjoy cooking and thought anything that saved me time in the kitchen must be good. Contemplated the Bellini version available in Target. But I wanted to see one in action….didn’t want it to be just another appliance that sat in the cupboard unused (like the fancy food processor). Contemplated the Bellini version some more. Talked to a couple of workmates who had them – both with young children so I could see how owning one would be advantageous. (One has a child with allergies, so could definitely see the advantages. But I have a teen with sensory issues who won’t go near a lot of foods so perhaps not so fabulous??) Anyway, finally got to a demo and saw one in action. Now it’s not a case of IF I buy a Thermomix but WHEN I buy a Thermomix. I’m looking forward to testing out some of the recipes you’ve included on the blog over the years. So thanks. 🙂

  2. Urspo says:

    Those who make soup are #1 in my book!

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