Doesn’t time fly?


Murphy the chicken killer’s lost his edge. Mum and Dad are in Vietnam so Murph’s here for the duration. In some ways he seems younger… he and the puppies play like crazy. But in other ways he’s older. Lady Grey, the chook who lets herself out of the run, walked straight past him the other day and neither of them batted an eye. ‘Hmmmm’, I thought, bcause she’s a very light grey and Mum always said that Murphy is used to chasing seagulls. If he’d leave Lady Grey alone, maybe the Isa Browns would be safe if I let them free range?

I thought about it. I reasoned that the Isa Browns are pretty clapped out anyway and if the crows are stealing their eggs I’m not going to be losing too much if he suddenly ran amock. (I’d miss Buffy though; she’s been with me from the start.) Two days now and it’s been working a treat. Actually, Poppy’s the one who’s most likely to chase them, but we’re working on that. Murphy’s been great. The only downside so far is that Buffy’s taken to popping into the kitchen for a quick hello, just as she used to do back in the day.


Poppy (right) and Jeff (left) are nearly one. It’s sometime this month but I can’t remember the exact date. No doubt Jenny, their breeder, will enlighten me. They are from the same litter and it’s interesting to see the differences in them.

Poppy is fuller boned and is a lovely, compact shape. Temeramentally she’s more serious than Jeff. She enjoys her obedience lessons and she loves being my ‘helper’ around the yard. If ever a Cavalier could be a one person dog, she’s the closest to it I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve owned a LOT of Cavaliers in my life.) She’s definitely MY girl, though she adores the boys as well. She’s happy to meet and greet people when we’re out and about, but she’s not fond of having visitors on the house. I think it upsets her sense of order. She observes from a distance and makes up her mind about them before cosying up. (Though I have to confess that she’s my favourite.)

Jeff, on the other hand, is a frivolous beast. Life is a game to this young man. His coat is longer and more ‘fly away’ than his sister’s and he’s finer boned and with a longer body. My nick-name for him is “Rockinghorse Boy” because when he’s thrilled about something he runs with both front legs first so his whole body bounds along rocking back and forth, which is a very endearing trait. Jeff loves everyone. Everyone loves Jeff. Evan17 is especially fond of him and they’ve got a special bond. Unfortunately he’s got skin allergies and he’s sensitive to grass, which I’ve never experienced before. I’ve got them all on a diet with dry food specially formulated for sensitive skin and I feed them raw chicken in the morning and the dry food with a ‘BARF’ patty at night. (BARF +bones and raw food, which mimics what the animals would eat in the wild.) His skin has become a lot better, though it’s still pinker than Poppy’s skin and I have to keep an eye on him for flare ups. Poor little man, though it doesn’t seem to affect his nonchalant attitude to life at all. Jeff also looks after anyone who’s ill or feeling bad. Dr Jeff looked after Bertie’s sore eye, licking it frequently until it was better. I’m convinced he did more good than the $100 eye drops I was using.

I’m so pleased I made the decision to bring Jeff home after Poppy and Bertie didn’t bond. The pups are absolutely devoted to each other and they are never willingly apart. They’re also the only dogs I’ve ever allowed to sleep inside, though to be honest that wasn’t by choice. The 3AM possum barking adventures were the cause of that. (They’re not an unmixed blessing….)
Happy birthday Poppy and Jeff.
Whenever it is….

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5 Responses to Doesn’t time fly?

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Poppy & Jeff are both gorgeous, but hard to believe they’re from the same litter. She looks so small.
    Somehow I wouldn’t trust Murphy with the chooks. Better safe than sorry.

  2. scottsabode says:

    Aw – happy whenever birthday Poppy and Jeff. I think you should do a similar round up on each of your children – nicknames, behaviour, temperament, which one’s your favourite etc.

  3. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Froggie – the birthday for the ‘terrible two’ is 6/7/13 – should be easy to remember ? Happy Birthday and hugs to them both – hugs also for their g-grandpa Bertie and uncle Murphy πŸ™‚ So it’s going to be party time on Sunday πŸ™‚

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