Jeff loves to play with paper.


The cookie cutters arrived today, less one set, so I’ve sent them an email about it. Hopefully the missing set will arrive soon.
They came wrapped in newspaper, so I threw it all to the dogs to have a little play.
I’m slightly regretting it now; they played a little more vigorously than I thought they would.
I should’ve known: Jeff has taken to grabbing the end of the toilet paper off the holder and running away with it unrolling behind him as he runs down the hall. Just like the old Purex ad. I always thought that was just something dreamed up by the ad execs…

Not really a Thermomix recipe though it has many links: Bone broth Really useful and interesting link, both for thermomix and non-thermomix owners.

Also have a look at this condensed coconut milk recipe. Lots of interesting info.

Roll ups. I’m going to give these a try. It’s safe for me to mke these, because if they have banana in them I won’t touch them with a ten foot barge pole. (ugh. Banana… the devil’s food.) 

Plus for the MANLY types out there, here’s some Bacon Jam (with chocolate.) Seriously.

Simple salmon family meal. Just to show how easy it is to have a good meal on the table quickly.

And finally: Tips on converting recipes to the thermomix.

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