On my front porch.


Remember when I planted the daffodil and jonquil bulbs in the herb wicking bed?
Some have come up!
(So’s Daphne… this is two seconds before she got told off.)


When I went to Yvonne’s place to do a thermomix demo we also had a seed swap. This is the second generation of oakleaf lettuce. It bolted over summer so I just bent the plants down and let the seeds fall back onto the ground. Voila!


This is an idea I’ve filched from Jackie French. In ‘Backyard Self Sufficiency’ she writes how they never dig up their garlic anymore… they just leave it in the ground and use the leaves (garlic scrapes) to flavour their dishes. She says that the garlic patches get bigger each year.
I have garlic in the ground next to the chook tractor, but I like the idea of always having garlic flavour on hand, so I planted the smaller cloves of Nonna’s garlic in this wicking bed around a lemon verbena that may or may not have survived its repotting. (Hey, not everything works at my place!) So far the scrapes look pretty healthy.

Thermomix recipe: Lunch for one. This is how I’ve been making a lot of my lunches and dinners since losing 14KG over the last few months. So quick, easy and tasty.

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