I was so excited by my day off that I woke up at 4.30AM. I may need a nanna nap.


Daphne and Maris “holding hands” on the couch.

August is shaping up to be a hugely busy month for me. There’s only 2 days in the whole month where I’m not working on either teaching or thermomix, (or both.) Today is one of those days. I’m eying off my neglected wicking beds, thinking that they’ll all be cleared of dead and scrappy growth and all topped up with compost and mulch by the end of the day. Let’s see how I go.


I was at the feed store a couple of days ago, buying chook food, when I saw lupin seeds for $2.50. I remember a guy in the gardening club using lupins as a green manure; growing them and then digging them in just before they flower (I think). Apparently it adds a lot of nitrogen to the soil (I think). Anyway, I thought I’d add this to a couple of the wicking beds that the house painters will be working around, so that they’ll be able to get to the walls behind the beds without hindrance. I keep thinking of Monty Python when I see the lupin seeds.

Yes, things are moving along at the Frogdancer house! I’ve got my brother-in-law here fixing up a few rotten weatherboards, leaky guttering etc…. then we paint! My house is going to look PRETTY! I’ve also got the chook coop guy coming over to measure up what needs to be done, so stay tuned for that. By the time he’s finished, I won’t have to go into the run at all, except to actually muck out the hen house. No chook poo on my boots any more!!!! VERY excited by this prospect…. I’m a suburban girl at heart, no matter how many chooks I own or veggies I grow.

I popped into the travel agent’s yesterday and laid the groundwork for my trip to Europe next year. Scott, a bit of July in the UK/most of August on the continent/a bit of Sept in the UK again is looking likely at this very early stage. With all the work we’re going to be doing on our house, I hope that your renovation will be well and truly finished by the time I arrive. I’ll be accustomed to a certain level of accommodation that I’ll be loathe to abandon. 😛

Dad came over and taught Ryan19 how to paint. I decided that if my son is going to have a gap year and live the nocturnal life of a gamer, he also has to pay his way by being useful. He began three days ago by filling some cracks in the hallway. Then he stopped.
This may be a long-term project…

Thermomix recipe: Natural Whipped Body Butter It’s not just food – you can also make cosmetics and moisturisers too.

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5 Responses to I was so excited by my day off that I woke up at 4.30AM. I may need a nanna nap.

  1. Fairlie says:

    Wow, its all go at your house! Good luck with the son-as-a-painter-project!

  2. Fairlie says:

    OOPs…it’s not its…of all the blogs to make that mistake on, I choose an English teacher’s blog.

  3. Urspo says:

    Whenever I need cheering up I invariably watch MPFC. Hurrah for Mr. Moore !

  4. scottsabode says:

    Don’t worry – the creepy under eaves cupboard with the woodwormy floor is all ready for you! Let me know any firm dates you have and I’ll add them to your itinerary. As for Ryan19, I think he has misunderstood the idea of a gap year…

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