Skinflint Sunday: use up what’s in the pantry!

Yesterday the orchard looked like this.
I planted 3 nasturtium seedlings in late Spring to see if they’d survive as a ground cover.
They did.


Now the trees can breathe!
I have to copper spray the nectarine and peach trees today. A trip to Bunnings is in order.


Yesterday I finally got around to cleaning up the back wicking bed ready for Spring/Summer planting. I’m saving some of foodnstuff‘s parsnip seed. Usually I just let it fall to the ground, but I might move them next year. Had the last two in a soup last weekend…. mmmmm.


Poppy, or Mrs Popplesfield as she’s sometimes known, was waiting to see where we’d go next. We haven’t visited the chooks yet, so she was living in hope.

Jeff was just living. Out of focus, it appears, but anyway.


Bertie decided it wasn’t worth his while to come down from the deck.

Thermomix Recipe: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce
Chickpea patties I have some dukkah and some whole chickpeas I want to use up, so this is perfect. Dinner tonight, kids!!

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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: use up what’s in the pantry!

  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Sending cyber-hugs to Poppy, Jeff and dear Bertie (((xxx))) 🙂

  2. Fairlie says:

    When I was in the first few years of primary school, I would walk to and from school with friends through unsealed dirt laneways behind the houses. These lanes were totally overgrown with nasturtiums, and now whenever I see them I think of that time! We used to pick the flowers and suck the ends of them…who knows why!?

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