Major project #1 completed.

Well here it is. I’d call it Cluckingham Palace but another blogger’s already pinched that one. The chicken coop guy took two days to put it up and on the second day he brought two new gerlies to increase the flock.


Meet Claire and Brianna. (Brianna’s the redhead.) I named them after a couple of characters in the ‘Outlander’ series of novels.

That’s the solar operated door.


The solar panel on the roof charged up all yesterday, then this morning I swapped it from manual to auto and the door slid open. Very exciting.
It’ll be even more exciting tomorrow morning when the chooks have slept in there. I wanted to make sure the concrete floor was fully hardened, so they had one last night in their old coop. No more fox massacres for us! Once was more than enough.


This is the part I think I’m most excited about. I designed this myself and the chook coop guy had to work out how to do it. Not just the egg collecting, but also the feeding and watering can now all be done from outside the run. How neat, clean and suburban is that? My mornings will be chook poo free.


Poppy’s now banned from the run. Some stupid chicken ran away from her and now she chases them everywhere. Every now and then though, she gets her way.


She’s learned that if she bangs on the door while I’m in there, it’ll sometimes swing open. Two chooks got out while I was inspecting the new work and so Poppy had a bit of a gallop with them before I got them back in.
Today I’ll get some wood shavings for the floor of the coop, then I’ll move the Australorps (both called Matilda because I can’t tell them apart) and the Rhode Island Red (Rosie) across.
The last step will be to get 2 or 3 bantams for the chook tractor so they don’t make so much mess and then the flock will be complete.
Happy days! 🙂

Thermomix recipe: Thai-style Chicken and Coconut Salad
And for more Thai: Red Thai Prawn and Mango Curry

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4 Responses to Major project #1 completed.

  1. jahtgh says:

    Great job.. I put a Bungy strap inside my gate hanging off the wire, and when inside always pull it tight to another spot off the gate, so the dogs couldn’t pull the gate back towards them. Good luck with it. It looks like the Taj Mahal of chook pens


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  2. Snoskred says:

    I just have 3 words re the bantams. English Game Hens.

    If you can find smaller chickens packed with personality than this breed, I will be extremely surprised. 🙂

    I can’t remember if you have mentioned it before – have you ever been to a chicken auction? Such a great day out.. 🙂 The Backyard Poultry forums has a page with upcoming chicken related events.

    I really want to build the pvc pipe system for food and water. It is on the to do list for this spring. Can you put some photos of how those work for you? 🙂

    My new kitty is still learning about chickens – right now she thinks they are fun to chase. The chickens are not a fan of this plan at all, so she mostly stays on the outside of the run.

    I’ve loved every minute of your chicken journey (with the exception of the fox attack of course) and I am pretty sure it is you I have to thank for inspiring me to own our own girls. 🙂

    • Frogdancer says:

      I already went out and bought some more hens for the chook tractor before reading your post. $10 each for 2 gerls who are small enough to fit into the tractor without me feeling like a battery farmer!! Tomorrw’s post will show all…

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