Yesterday was a full-on chicken day.


Meet Martha and Bunty. Martha is the grey and white hen, while Bunty is the caramel and white. I’ve had chooks with these names before, but they both died, so I’m recycling the names as they seem particularly chooky. Waste not, want not!
I decided to spend yesterday working on my business, making phone calls etc, but it was such a glorious day that I ended up beautifying myself by getting a haircut and then impulsively driving up in the hills to Cockatoo to buy a couple of bantams for the chook tractor. When I got there the chook lady said that they wouldn’t have any till November at the earliest, but then she remembered these two 6 month old cross-bred hens she had. She didn’t know what their breeding was so she sold them to me for $10 each. Bargain!!!
I was going to put them in the big run with all the others but when I got them home I looked at them and realised that they’re tiny. Perfect for the chook tractor! My chook organisation is now finished.


Once I got home with Martha and Bunty we had to move the Australorps (both called Matilda because I can’t tell them apart) and Rosie the Rhode Island Red into the big coop. There was a bit of a hullaballoo for a while, with little Lady Grey deciding that she was damned if she was going to continue to be at the bottom of the pecking order. She ripped into all 3 of those hens as soon as I put them in. They tower over her, but for the moment at least she has them completely bluffed.

After the gerls were moved in and things settled down a bit, I got three of th boys to move the old chook coop out of the run and pop it on the nature strip out the front for a hard rubbish collection. The chooks loved scratching around where the old coop was. See all the bricks? They were lining the outside of the old pen to fox proof it. Now I can use them for new projects.


The first project was this one. I’m just a couple of centimetres too short to reach the eggs.

Last night after the sun set I went out to the run to check on where the gerls were sleeping. Claire and Brianna were in the new coop, which made sense considering they belonged to the chicken coop guy so they’d be familiar with his design. The others were huddled together in a couple of seperate corners. I picked them up one by one and popped them onto the perches at the top. Once chooks are asleep they’re ASLEEP. It was an easy job.

This morning I woke up early to go out with a coffee and see how they manged to get down and out of the solar door. I got there just in time to see it open. As expected, Claire and Brianna nipped down the little walkway and were out the door. The others took longer. My two oldest ones, Buffy and Lizzy, took the longest. One of the Matildas was keen to lay an egg so she got impatient with Lizzy’s dilly-dallying and ended up pushing her off the ledge.

Today I’m hoping they lay their eggs where they’re supposed to. Tonight I’m expecting that more of them will know where to put themselves to bed, so in a couple of days it should all run like clockwork.
I can’t tell you how happy I was yesterday, seeing them all clucking around and enjoying themselves. Well, except for the ones who were getting beaten up by Lady Grey and the others…

Thermomix Recipe: Date and Walnut Loaf
I saw this and thought it was a great idea: Strawberries in Cardamom or vanilla syrup
In honour of the gerlies: Sous Vide Eggs

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6 Responses to Yesterday was a full-on chicken day.

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  2. Deana says:

    Wow! That’s certainly a chicken house and a half – your girls won’t know themselves! I love the mod-con’s too, what peace of mind to know that they can let themselves in and out at the crack of dawn each morning and roost high up on their perches with the door safely closed at night and not having to go out in the dark to close them up if you’re out in the evening. Luxury! I’m looking forward to lots of eggy Thermomix recipes in the near future.

    ps. (Our Light Sussex hen, Diana, became very broody this summer. Mum, who used to be a Land Army girl and raised chickens, suggested picking up half a dozen eggs from the supermarket for her to sit on and hatch. After a discussion on modern farming methods, she got me thinking, and we sent off for half a dozen Crested Cream Legbar hatching eggs – blue egg layers and auto-sexing chicks. After occupying ‘the’ favourite nest box for three weeks, much to the other girls’ indignation, she hatched two little hen chicks, who are cuter than cute! To say I’m tickled pink is an understatement! All is going well and hopefully, next year, you can have blue eggs for breakfast when you’re visiting London and come to stay:-)

  3. Frogdancer says:

    I am SO looking forward to that. Just working out tours and dates… will be in touch.

  4. Urspo says:

    I just met my brother’s chickens. It looks rather fun to to raise them.

    • Frogdancer says:

      Yes, I read your blog post yesterday but I was at work and had to race off to class so I didn’t comment. Don’t listen to Someone…. get a couple of chooks!!

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