Delayed Gratification.

In a rush, but just wanted to share. Yesterday I popped in to have a chat with my travel agent and I walked out with the European leg of my trip booked. Yay!

I planned this trip way back when I was 15. No one can say that I lack the faculty of delayed gratification. 36 years later I have my dates…

…. well, you don’t want to rush into anything prematurely, do you?

Roll on Term 3 next year!

Thermomix Recipes: Pesto and Curry in a Hurry. This last one is an invcredibly versatile recipe and she offers many variations. Handy!

Biscotti. Yum.

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3 Responses to Delayed Gratification.

  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Great news !! So you’re really going now 🙂

  2. Fairlie says:

    My theory is that there are three stages of travel happiness – the anticipation and planning, the actual travel itself, and then the reflection and remembrance of it afterwards. You just maximized that first stage! Fabulous news that you have booked! Let me know your itinerary and if I have any tips or advice for any destinations I’ll pass them on.

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