The new model Thermomix.


Look!!! Uma Therman-mixen is sitting next to her new partner!! I don’t have a name for him yet, but he’s definitely a HIM.
I’m so excited. Yesterday Thermomix released their new model and as a consultant I was able to snaffle one up right now.

I just popped some Butter Cookies in the oven. I used the Guided Cooking feature to see what it was like. So user-friendly! Kids (and husbands) will be able to make anything from the cookbook and there won’t be any more excuses about not being able to cook. The lid locks itself into place and unlocks itself. It automatically weighs when it’s in the Guided Cooking mode… you don’t even have to switch the scales on. I’m free from those menial tasks!!!

I’m so excited by this machine. It has so many features that make it attractive both to non-confident cooks and the chefs who love to freewheel. I wrote down a small list of the features for my customers this morning, so here it is. (There’s more, but it was all that I remembered at the time. I’m doing training tomorrow where I’ll get all the goss on the specs then, because I don’t want to waste precious playtime on reading the manual.)
Some features of the new model:
* Quieter.
* Bowl is 2.2L capacity
* Varoma 3.3L
* Different Butterfly
* Temperature up to 120C for caramelisation/browning etc.
* Recipe chips enabling guided cooking, so learner cooks or the less confident cooks will be able to cook with confidence. (Very excited about this feature!)
* Still has the ability to manually cook, so we can free-wheel cook as we’ve always done. Chefs will be happy.
* Automatic cooking (where the blades stop) for rice, yoghurt and custard.
* Touch screen
* Scale in 5g increments up to 6KG
* Future developments in a platform will mean access to recipes/shopping lists/uploading etc. (Not a techie, so haven’t yet got my head around this, but the possibilities are incredible.)
* Ability to weigh while cooking.

This is going to be AMAZING!!!! I’m not even a foodie and I’m thrilled, so imagine how all the foodies feel? Yesterday at the launch there were 450 consultants practically levitating out of their seats. This was kept a secret from the consultants, so it was only when we woke up to see Facebook full of photos from the product launch in Paris that we knew for sure that it was a reality.

I love my boy already. I just need a really cool name for him. Any ideas?

Thermomix Recipe: Almond Milk People who use almond milk on a regular basis typically make back the cost of the thermomix within 6 – 8 months. It’s around $1/litre to make, as opposed to paying nearly $4/litre. (The new model has an automatic cooking function for yoghurt, which means that you can throw your ingredients in before you go to bed and the thermomix will cook it overnight, switching itself on and off as the mixture requires. You wake up in the morning to perfect yoghurt. Guess what I’m going to be trialling tonight?)

Strawberry Heaven cocktail I however, prefer a little kick in my drinks!


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7 Responses to The new model Thermomix.

  1. bev says:


  2. libby says:

    alvin. no idea why, but the name just popped into my head 🙂

  3. kate says:

    Maybe Herman (Hermie) Therman-mixen.

  4. ginger megs says:

    Quentin, or just Q. I’ve just watched ‘Kill Bill’ 1 & 2, and those films are a killer (pardon the pun) collaboration of Uma Theman and Quentin Tarantino, so it makes sense (to me at least) that any partnership involving Uma has to include Quentin.

  5. Kay Cooper says:

    I’m really keen especially since I see that the interest free option is also available at the moment. The introductory price is only until 31/10 but I imagine it will only go up after that, surely?? Are stocks limited or am I guaranteed one at the price as long as I commit before the end of Oct?

    I don’t enjoy cooking so anything that gets it done quicker has got to be good in my eyes!

  6. Johblogs says:

    I’m in agreement with Ginger -Quentin!

  7. Ellen says:

    He is certainly a handsome devil! With his new gadgets and gizmos how about Q, after the namesake in James Bond. Hope you are enjoying putting him through his paces.

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