Mother of the Year.


Even though this morning looks a little grey and cold, spring has definitely arrived.
This is the dwarf nectarine tree in the ‘orchard’. I didn’t copper spray the buds until very late in winter, so I’m expecting that the leaves will be an eyesore when they sprout. Note to self: when you buy copper spray, come home and use it straight away, not two weeks later…

Last year I bought a rhubarb and plonked it in under the nectarine tree. It died down over winter but is now emerging. Rhubarb and apple…. mmmm.

The garlic bed is chugging along, with gaps where the cabbages and the chicken scratching were. Martha and Bunty are keeping a close watch, as I give them leaves from the lettuce and kale every morning. They’re clucking to me to get me to come into the veggie garden beds next to them.


I’m now in beside the gerls. Time to sow some new lettuce seeds, I think. These cos lettuces have fed me all winter with salads every day for lunch. I’ve been steaming fish and veggies in the thermomix, then mixing it with salad veggies and chili olive oil and taking a BIG container to work each day. Yum!
(16KGs lost, people…. I’m very pleased.)


Martha and Bunty are concentrating on my every movement. They know their schnack is coming.

This is the last day of term for me. (I have Friday’s off.) With the new model thermomix coming out the last couple of weeks have been hectic, with orders, enquiries, demos and training flying around left right and centre, along with the usual end-of-term assessments at work. I’m booking demos in the holidays and planning lots of seed planting and knitting. The phone is on the go seemingly around the clock! Still, that’s no excuse for what happened here yesterday.

Yesterday was Evan17’s 18th birthday. (So now he’s Evan18.) He emerged from his bedroom in a rush at 7.20, saying, “Mum, can you drive me to a café in Centre rd? I’m late.”

I was still in my pjs and bathrobe, about to go out and feed the chooks. I was annoyed at the late notice, so I snapped something irritable at him and asked why he and his friends were having breakfast mid week.

“It’s Ruby’s birthday,” he said. (He said the BIRTHDAY word. I still didn’t remember.)

I sighed. “Ok, get in the car,” I said. “I like Ruby.”

All the way there we chatted about school, about the upcoming holidays, whether he’d booked in to see the orthodontist….
When I dropped him off he gave me a kiss and jumped out of the car. I drove home and went on with my morning. It wasn’t until Tony’s Mum, my ex Mother-in-law, rang to wish him a happy birthday that I remembered….

I sent him a text. “Shit!!! Happy birthday pumpkin. Mummy loves you. xxx” He thought the whole thing was hilarious and so did his friends. I’m never going to live this down.

Though to be fair:
1. David21 had a birthday 2 days before. I didn’t forget that one.
2. Evan18 chose to be the fourth child. That’s a lot of birthdays to have to remember. He took his chances when he elected to emerge so far down the line.

He celebrated by having to sit a mini exam for Business after school, making his own birthday cake, (well, he had to. I was at Parent/Teacher night till 9PM), and then all the brothers went to the local bar for the open mic night to see Tom22 perform. I’m sure on the weekend he’ll kick his heels up with his friends.

All my boys are now 18 and over. It’s amazing that I’m still so youthful and dewy. Still, I’m not holding my breath waiting for a “Mother of the Year” award any time soon. 🙂

Thermomix Recipe: Cherry Smoothie

Custardy Apple Cake Judging by the comments this must be the Best Cake Ever!

Hungarian Goulash This looks delectable!

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