Dot points.

Crazy busy. Seriously crazy busy.

Evan18 did his year 12 English exam today. The end of an era…

Life has gone crazy since the new model thermomix. This is one of the first nights home I’ve had in weeks. Red wine is a beautiful thing. *hiccup*

The Walking Dead is pretty darned good so far this season. Thank goodness for Tom22 who doesn’t take no for an answer and MAKES me sit down and watch it.

Speaking of the end of an era.. I’ve never taught at my school without at least one other member of my family being there as well. Next year’s going to be slightly weird…

The school has put the hard word on me to teach a year 12 subject again next year. Instead of English, it’s Theatre Studies. I swore I’d never teach year 12 again, but I should learn from past events. Every time I use the word ‘never’, I end up doing it. Bugger.

I’m knitting! Still! I have a cowl I’m working on and the goal is to do at leats ONE row a day. I figure that it’ll eventually get finished if I keep plugging away at it.

I just finished ‘Wideacre’ by Phillipa Gregory. Really enjoyed it – an amoral protagonist is interesting.

Yvonne’s tomatoes and a few other things are in the ground. The broody Australorp is still broody. Life goes on.

My best friend is going to be a grandmother. OMG! Our oldest kids are the same age. It still seems impossible to me that I’ll be in the same situation, except in some dark, misty future. I’m far too youthful and dewy for that.

I’m loving my brand new little car. I’ve only had it a month and I’ve already put more than 2,000 kms on it. This business is booming. I’ve never worked so hard in my life (and I’ve rarely been this tired.) I’m enjoying it though. Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is….

Speaking of sleep, that sounds like a good idea. Night all!

Thermomix recipe: Tahini Biscuits

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3 Responses to Dot points.

  1. scottsabode says:

    Good luck to Evan18! Theatre Studies – oh my. Would you be teaching it by yourself or with someone else?

  2. Frogdancer says:

    By myself. Except in term 3 of course when I’ll be in Europe with you!

  3. Ellen says:

    Great to hear that the new Thermie has taken off so well. I am still in awe of my TM31, so can’t imagine how good the new model is. Don’t whack yourself out too much, you’ll need all your stamina for exploring Europe next year. Speaking of which, I just thought you might like to know I saw the poppies at the Tower of London last week and it was breathtaking and very moving listening to the roll call of 180 names and hearing the last post. I just wished I had seen it when they had installed the ‘war horse’ model, but may try to pop back. Good luck to Evan18 with his exams.

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