I love being on holiday.

Just saw in my Facebook feed that Joe Cocker died. I first saw this clip a few years ago and every now and then I show it to my classes when we’re doing song lyrics.

As usual, the first few days of the summer holidays have been spent reading and sleeping. I’m usually tired at the end of the year, but this year I was exhausted! I spent Saturday literally on the couch, alternating between reading that Tony Robbins book on my laptop and lying down and having nanna naps. I must’ve had about 3 or 4 naps that day. Don’t get me wrong… I really enjoyed it. But I wouldn’t want to spend every day like that. Maybe every second or third one though….?

Yesterday was Monday. I watched the first of my holiday viewings of my guilty pleasure show… Dr Phil. It was great. Truly top viewing. There were two crazy sisters and they made my parenting look amazing, which makes it fun to be watching next to a son. I kept nudging him, saying things like, “Look at how lucky you are!” or, when one sister said the other one was a horrible parent because she drank…presumably alcohol, I’d apologise and say, “I guess that makes me a bad parent. Oops. Oh well, too late now!!!”

It’s the little things that make the holidays so special.

On Saturday night we went into Northcote to see David21’s band play. The special thing about this gig was that his girlfriend was one of the support acts for them.  Yes, David21 has a girlfriend!!! Naturally I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet her and see what she looks (and sounds) like, especially as her parents have already met and vetted my boy. As it turned out, her parents and sister were there too, so everyone met everyone else, except for Ryan19, who was off at a party where his weirdo gaming friends were all actually going to be in the same room. Bit of a novelty for them.

Anyway, she’s easy on the eye, unlike my son of course, and she has a lovely voice, which is fortunate, seeing as she’s studying voice in her Music Performance course. I find that it’s a good thing when a singer hits all the notes when they’re behind a microphone. Stops the audience wincing. I really got along well with her mother… she wants to start a veggie patch and have chooks. After that came out then there was no scarcity of things to talk about.

Ahhh, veggies. The gift that keeps on giving.

Speaking of veggies, on Friday I had Karen from Edible Eden come out to show me the plan for my front garden. I was bracing myself for the costings, because anyone who’s read here for any length of time knows what a tightwad I am, but as it turned out she’s been run off her feet so she hadn’t done them. But what she DID have was the garden plan drawn to scale, with suggested plantings. Blogless Sandy was here as well, so we pored over them, made a few modifications and got excited. Now I’m waiting to see what the damage will be, financially speaking, so then it can all get underway. The house has to be painted first…bye-bye Beige!… and then we can start doing the garden. My house will look totally different by the end of the year, which believe you me will be a good thing. At present it looks like feral bogans live here, which is not actually the look I’m going for. Neat, organised, suburban tree-hugging hippie-in-moderation is the style for me!

Long term readers may recall that The Great Pumpkin Experiment has been running year after year. This is the search for the holy grail of gardening for the Frogdancer household, as pumpkins are a crop that I simply can’t manage to grow. As any sensible person knows, pumpkins are awesome and taste fabulous and last for ages once they’re picked, so the constant failures to produce them are a little disheartening, particularly as every man and his dog appear to be able to grow them without even trying. If I hear one more smug, “Oh, we can’t stop pumpkins from growing in our garden. They pop up everywhere and we can’t give them away quick enough”, then there’ll be violence committed.

However, this year is starting off looking good. I’ve planted a pumpkin plant that a customer gave me when I delivered a thermomix to them and it seems to like the wicking bed. It’s grown massively, though I’ve yet to see any pumpkins forming. Then I planted 4 Butternut pumpkins in one of the veggie beds that the chook tractor has been on, and so far they’re looking strong and healthy. I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve fed them up and I’m keeping the water up to them, so let’s see if THIS year is the year that The Great Pumpkin Experiment actually produces something.

Thermomix recipe: Salted Caramel Fudge. This is seriously the best thing I’ve eaten in a month of Sundays. Jess from my team made this for Christmas and when she dropped it over it was too late to try it. The next morning I had a piece. OMG. so goooood. I had to wake the boys and get them to eat it, otherwise I would’ve strapped the bag to my face and nommed them all. Absolutely worth making.

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3 Responses to I love being on holiday.

  1. Maryanne says:

    Hi – I got a Thermomix for Christmas from my husband! I’m so excited to try all the recipes I’ve been saving up for when I eventually got one. Just had to tell you! Merry Christmas. Maryanne

  2. Frogdancer says:

    You’re going to love it, Maryanne.
    Have fun!

  3. Urspo says:

    I tried growing pumpkins; they took over the yard. Good luck to you !

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