Baby step.


Here’s the first step to my new front garden!
When Karen from Edible Eden first came to my place to have a look at my garden, with a view to designing a bit of a neat tidy suburban food forest thing for the front yard, she recommended putting some plastic down to start killing off the lawn. I must have been exhausted at the time without even knowing it, because I pooh-poohed the whole idea and said I couldn’t do it.
What a lot of rubbish!
After a couple of weeks of nanna naps, novel reading and daily doses of Dr Phil to nourish my soul, one day I leapt up from the couch, grabbed the car keys and drove to Bunnings. A piece of black plastic cost $20 (what a rip off!) and I came back, grabbed some loose bricks that were in the chook run and bingo! Job done.
The idea is that by using only one piece of plasic, the worms underneath will be able to make their ways out from under it before being cooked to death. I have plenty of time to get this done, as I have to get the house painted first and then the work on the garden can commence. I’ll move the plastic around every 4 weeks or so and the lawn will be toast.
You can see at the outer edges of the photo what the front garden currently looks like. It’s an abomination. The boys and I have agreed to set Monday aside as a weeding and Get Rid Of Some Plants day, so hopefully the place will begin to look as if someone loves it.

I now have the plan for the front yard. Karen’s been back with the design and I’m very excited about it. I can just picture myself as a little old lady, pottering around in it and being as happy as a pig in muck. All I have to do now is save up the money to get the infrastructure put in. So 2015 looks like it’s shaping up to be the year of the Super/ Europe/ House painting and the garden.
I can’t tell you how happy this prospect makes me feel. 🙂

Thermomix recipe: Zesty Zucchini Salad. Considering the amount of zucchini we suddenly have to eat our way through, this recipe is a real find! I can state for the record that zucchini plants love being in wicking beds.

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3 Responses to Baby step.

  1. Snoskred says:

    While you are at it, once you move the black plastic you might want to put some moist hessian cloth or wet cardboard down – this will bring any curl grubs to the surface and your chickens will LOVE eating them.

    My white sussex is like the grub whisperer – she is always the first to spot a bug and always the first one to eat it. When I am gardening she always hangs out nearby because she knows I will throw her any curl bugs I find, and I do always find a lot of them.

  2. Hi from a fellow SSer! Love to see how your garden works out, and well done for your Super (fund) work 🙂

  3. Urspo says:

    More gardens; less grass. good move!

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