I need some clothespegs for my netting.

I think my netting skillz need some work. Still, I find that one of my main faults as a gardener is not knowing when to harvest things, so sometimes I leave them too long. At least this way I know that the peaches are just about ready!

Thank goodness for the Independence Days challenge! Now I have something to put under the ‘Waste Not’ category. I’ll cut up the bird-nibbled ones and see how they taste after being dehydrated.
(Edited to say… they taste divine. Ryan20 polished off almost the whole lot.)

The pumpkins are still growing leaves and only male flowers, but in happier news there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the zucchini crop. I discovered another very good reason to have 2 thermomixes:
I only have one bowl for Sheldon (the tm5) and I was due to leave to do a demo, so I wanted to keep him clean. Yet I wanted to make the zucchini soup from the chip. Solution? Pull up the recipe on the touch screen on Sheldon, read the directions and make it using Uma (the tm31). Shelson stayed clean and presentatable for the demo and we got our soup for lunch.
It’s a first world thing, I know, but I can’t help enjoying myself with it.

While I was fossicking around the peach tree, I found this hiding under the netting. My chocolate capsicum has started to produce!

Thermomix Recipe: Cauliflower “cous cous”, Pomegranate and Pistachio salad This is by chef Matt Stone. I love the direction that it should be “Served as a light meal or as a side dish to fish, chicken or quail.” Yes, because we eat quail all the time…. (Clearly I don’t mix in the same circles.)

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