Tetris in the rain.


When I downsized my car from a Ford Station Wagon to the Golf, I didn’t consider what drama it would add to my Costco and Aldi shopping trips.

It was starting to rain. There I was yesterday, playing Tetris with the Aldi shopping.

(The Atlantic salmon is on its way to the ground.)

If I’d bought ONE more thing, I wouldn’t have been able to shut the boot.

Thermomix Recipe: Apple Pumpkin cakes I’m making these today! Recipe link has both thermomix and non-thermomix recipes.

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6 Responses to Tetris in the rain.

  1. Snoskred says:

    Well I have the Volkswagen Polo and am accomplished at this Tetris, so I will give you my best tip..

    It works a lot better if you have cooler bags. 🙂

  2. scottsabode says:

    You know the back seats fold down, don’t you?

  3. Frogdancer says:

    If you fold down the seats and then use the brakes while you’re driving, half the shopping ends up on the floor.

    • Snoskred says:

      I’ve even had that happen with the plastic grocery bags that the stores give me, once I had a 2 litre bottle of milk fall and start to leak. The cooler bags go nowhere, so I have one that sits on my front seat and I throw the plastic bags into that.. 🙂

      The other thing that works for me when shopping at Aldi is cardboard boxes and that has an awesome side benefit that my kitties would tell you all about. Free boxes are the best kitteh treat EVAHS! First they have a lot of scents from the shopping, then they have to be scented up with kitty scent, then they are a place to sleep.

      Just a couple of weeks ago I discovered the long but squat cardboard boxes Aldi use to hold the coffee pods, quite by accident, the poor guy was trying to load them all into those large box containers they use and they fell on the floor and I could see a perfect use for them at my place right away. Those things are no good for kitties – though they will squeeze themselves into them in a log shape given a chance – but they are perfect for chicken treats. I now bring a minimum of 3x those home each time we visit, Because they are long, there is room for all the girls to check out the treats without anyone having to get pecked.

      I’ll do a chicken update this weekend with pics of these long boxes.. 🙂

  4. scottsabode says:

    Remind me not to let you drive.

  5. Now I have the Tetris theme song in my head. Damn you.

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