Skinflint Sunday: Bury your chooks in the garden so they fertilise your fruit trees.

(The Australorps when the new chook coop went in.)

One of the Australorps died yesterday, so when I found her body I went and got a plastic bag, grabbed her by the legs with it and walked out to the front yard where Evan18 was weeding. He dug a hole next to the olive tree, where I know there’ll be a garden bed when the new garden plan goes in, and we buried CrankyBitch.

I think it was her…. I can’t tell the two Australorps apart. CrankyBitch earned her name when she was broody for 8 weeks and used to try and peck anyone who collected the eggs. The kids refused to have anything to do with her… cowards. Poor thing. She was only 2. Sometimes it seems like the pure bred chooks just don’t have the longevity of the ‘common as muck’ Isa Browns.

I’ve reached the stage of the holidays where I’m suddenly starting to panic about having little time left and so much to be done.Tomorrow I’m having an oven guy and a stumping guy come over; I have another stumping guy coming over this morning to give me a quote and I’ve started painting the hallway. This last one may have been a mistake as the hallway looks awful now and if I don’t get it finished by the time school goes back it’ll probably stay looking awful for ages.

We may have reached a new stage in the Frogdancer household – Tom22 (who’ll be Tom23 in 3 days) is making plans with a couple of mates to move out. He’s in his last 6 months of an accountancy degree, so naturally he’s drawn up an Excel spreadsheet to work out if he can afford it. (I’m so proud!) He wants to still live in the area and they’re putting applications in for various apartments. The two youngest boys have already worked out that Ryan19 will move into Tom22’s old room.

Evan18 explained it to me this way:

“So Mum, what do you think will happen to Tom22’s room?”

“Well honey, I really need an office…” I said, knowing full well THAT’LL never happen while I have 2 boys still sharing a room.

“Now Mum,” Evan18 said, lowering his voice confidentially. “You know that the room you really want as your office is the back bedroom. It’s large, it’s sunny and you said you wanted to put French doors in and put a patio or something outside it. ”

I started to smile. I didn’t know where he was heading yet but I like watching him work.

“So Mum, doesn’t it make more sense to give Tom22’s room to the one who won’t move out for ages yet, and leave the good room to the son who’ll more than likely be the next to go?”

Now how can you argue with that logic?

Not that Evan18 will ever be allowed to leave. That boy makes me laugh a lot.

Thermomix Recipe: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chocolate. One of my team members brought this with her when we sat down for our meeting to talk about her business for the year. David21 has just made it to take to a dinner party he and his friends are putting on. It’s SO good…

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5 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Bury your chooks in the garden so they fertilise your fruit trees.

  1. Urspo says:

    My brother’s family just got their first egg. I wonder what they will feel/do when they have their first chicken loss/death. Are chooks seen as pets/their passing as doleful as the passing of pussycats?

  2. Snoskred says:

    Even though she was a crankybitch, I am sorry for your loss.

    I once fell in love with an Australorp at an auction, but she went for triple the price I had budgeted and therefore it could not be a long term thing, just a temporary auction flirtation.. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful chook, but I would very much be inclined to agree – the isa browns seem to live forever, anything purebred you get 3, maybe 5 years out of (in my experience). Im also starting to panic that I havent gotten everything I wanted done out of my holidays, but its nice to always have something to work on!

  4. Stacy Pickett says:

    Hi there Frogdancer. I have been a long time stalker of your blog and just want to thank you for putting up the Thermomix recipes. I generally look at all of them and as a result have found a few new blogs to read, as well as some more recipes to add to the list of regularly cooked items. The ratatouille from a few months ago has become a regular winter workday lunch, and I tried the bachelor baked beans yesterday, and yum! I think that will also become a workday lunch winner as well. Thanks!

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